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Tankmatix-15 Fuel level sensor

The Tankmatix-15 fuel level sensor has the SIM card, GSM modul, GPS module and batteries inserted in the head of the sensor. There is no need for external power.


The Tankmatix sensor head is mounted vertically to the tank via its connection thread (size G3/4), which is screwed directly into a standard threaded tank connection.

Inserting and replacing batteries



Inserting SIM (optional, if necessary)

In the most cases we have pre-installed a micro sim card already and the device is pre-configured. 

Please do the following steops only if you need to insert a sim card on your own:





Connecting GSM antenna and GPS antenna

The external GSM antenna must be connected on the right side connector as shown below.

The external GPS antenna can be connected on the 2nd connector.

Installation Test

Installation Examples