If you have troubles during the installation, your workshop shall contact our support via phone.

Contact to our technical support

GPS Installation Smartphone-App

There is a new smartphone app for workshop and customers that want to install and test GPS tracking devices.

Download the app in App-Stores

You can click on the download links below:


Start screen of the GPS Installation App:

Click on Login to enter your access codes (one-time passwords). You will get the one-time passwords from your customer or from our technical support.

Enter one-time password

The one-time password is valid for one asset, one customer-account or all devices of a partner.


Search for devices

Enter the IMEI or part of the IMEI or the asset name below and click on search.


Check the test data

Check the GPS Installation App test data:

  1. The time mustbe correct
  2. DI1 must be checked, if you activate the ignition and unchecked, if you swith off the ignition
  3. Address and position must be correct
  4. e.g. DI2 must show the state of other connected senosts
  5. the field ibutton input must contain the of the driver

Checklist for fixed Installations

Mandatory (absolutely necessary):

Depending on the customers configuration::


After finishing your installation and tests you should send a Installation document to your customer/partner.

We recommend to fill in the vehicle service for every installation. It is an approval document that the installation was tested. You can download it here: