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Link zur GPS-Aufzeichnungspflicht im Winterdienst - Streumengen

Link zu Anschluss-Anleitung für Streugeräte (Fleet-10 RS232)

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Status View

The winterservice status view shows the last messages from the spreaders with the asset name, date/time and the last adress.

A click on the line shows the adress in a map.

Additional fields (inputs, data) can be shown/hidden with the coloumn headers and saved in the table view.


Winter Service data view

The Winter Service data view shows the spreading data in a table, sorted by the last data.


In the coloumn header you can (de-)select which fields you want to add or remove to the table. The table view shall be stored in the footer. We recommend to work with less coloumns vor a better overview.

Spreading Protocol

The Spreading Protocol summarizes the the spreading data in a daily report.

The spreading amount can be assigned to geofence areas. Data outside of geofence areas will be shown in the area "others".


The spreading data can be assigned to different street names.



The following report shows the spreading data for each 1000 or 5000 meters (refer to options/administration) OR if there is a change in the spreading data (change of dosage) OR if a geofence area is entered or left.



Driver view for the spreading protocols via email and smartphone app

The driver receives the daily spreading protocol via email, if an email adress is entered for the driver. The driver must be assigned to the asset with the spreader.

The driver can login to the GPS Fleet Software app using his driver name and driver password. In the GPS Fleet Software he can view the spreading protocols and add a comment (data OK, data false).


The driver feedback is shown in the protocol table in the software.