Error code:11 at Asset saving fixed

Recently frequently occuring error code:11 which was thrown at asset saving was fixed.



New Asset Report

The report was optimized



APP Commands (account level, asset level not yet)

If you login as admin, account options are displayed to send some commands (extendable)

OPTIONS > Advanced

The new option will show GPS positions if a device is moving without ignition (but ignition is configured in the software). Default ist unchecked.

Options > Assetlist

The asset list settings are summed in a separate section now.

The calculation for the driving time and the duration of the break time for the current day can be configured here.


If the 2 drop downs are set, the values are calculatedm, currently there is cust one config:


IOT Data Export

The first step of the tank integration was done. A generic IOT data export was developed







Asset configuration > alerts

The order of the fields has been re-arranged.

Batter alerts

A new alarm that is triggerd, if the internal battery gets empty. ALL VALUES must be given in mV


Other Changes


New TimeData Model for Tempore

New time model developed for customer, for which the report Monthly Timesheet Data Bookings will not count first/last booking of a day if the tag is classified as car.

New Filter for Logbook Report

New filters where added to the Logbook Report, which are: A text filter to filter for the address, an ibutton filter to select only data where an ibutton was/wasn't connected, a PLZ filter to filter for the start of a PLZ.

New Filter for the Assets Driving Time Total Report

New maxkm and minkm filter to find assets in a certain span.


New Asset Usage Days Report

This report will show the number of days a asset was used in the specified timespan grouped by months.


New Driving Days Report

This report will show the number of days a driver has driven in the specified timespan grouped by months.


Spreader Data - Municipality Services

Release 3.8.35 has got an innovative new feature to process data from spreaders, sprayers, mowers and much more. The implementation is done according the ONR CEN/TS 15430-1 and ONR CEN/TS 15430-2 spec.

Also weather data is used to add more value to the data.

IOT View

The IOT View enables the user to search and load e.g. spreader data and export it to excel.

Predefined views makes it easy for the customer.


IOT data will be stored in the data archive as well.


APP Improvments


The app logbook driver selected overwrites the ibutton based driver modell now (if used by a driver)

The logbook app has got a now history page!

MAP Page (Settings)Map with some or all assetsLogbook Start PageLogbook History Page