Our GPS Fleet Software API allows third-party software to access data of our system and pass data as well to realize cooperative programs and apps. With our API we enable other developers to build a synergy between our GPS Fleet Software and their Server or App. For use cases in the following documentation I will use our Hosting, the API is also usable with an own server but the functionality then relies on the accessibility of the server.

How to access the GFS API

To access the API the same link is used as to log in to our software as a normal user. For each access a verification is necessary with can be done by username and password or an API key available inside the software. The simplest of uses is to check if a user is legitimate to the software. In this case the call would look like this:




The response then will be weather the user is accepted or not:

{"info":"ok"} or {"error":"100"}

Where to find the various calls

All the various possibilities available to access and pass data from/to our system can be found in a central xml file which holds all information such as necessary and optional parameters and there type. The xml with the full overview can be found at: http://gfs2.sw-management.at/GFS/api/application.wadl (or for a GFS running on a different server serverlink/api/application.wadl). For instance the checkuser call used above would look like this in our application.wadl:

<resource path="/std">
 <resource path="/checkuser">
 <method id="checkuser" name="GET">
<param xmlns:xs="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" name="apikey" style="query" type="xs:string"/>
<representation mediaType="application/json"/>

Basic calls

the most basic calls are found in the masterdata subgroup. Under masterdata there are further subgroups for different objects our server can provide. Such are for instance asset, geofence or driver. Some very basic calls may look like this:


http://gfs2.sw-management.at/GFS/api/masterdata/geofence/getGeofences?apikey=user----password or


New calls with 3.8.29