New Tour Feature (optional, payable BETA-Feature)

The new tour module can be used to

The tours can be configured in the account options

There is a new tour form report that can be handed over to the driver.

There are 2 new tour comparison reports to compare the plan versus the actual tour.


Tempore Time changes

The time data list was migrated to the new format:

A geofencecan have many tags

A tag has a code, a area (e.g. Stiege 1), a Type and Name

New report to show booked time grouped by Object and Person.

New Report to investigate which Geotags weren't used in a set time span.

New Report to show the amount of persons processed by the system in a set timespan, grouped by year and month.


The smartphone was copied to the GFS





Google Maps Single Asset View with autoreload

Direct URLS

Using the new structure we have normalized the direct url as well:

E.g. GFS

E.g. Smartohone Tool:

Registration Feature

After the registration, that can be loaded from the login page, the customer gets an email with all his login details and can add his hardware!

The is also a new feature password: