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Important information regarding password security and login information

Open Login Page in a Web-Browser

You will receive login data (login username, password, login link) from the provider. Open the link in your web-browser. The web-link will direct you either to a start-page that is hosted by the provider via the internet or to a start-page that is hosted on a web-server in your organization.

LanguageChoose your language
UsernameEnter your username
PasswordEnter your password
Loginto access the software
Remember LoginThe save the username and password
Clear cacheDeletes the browser history

First Login with a one-time password

  1. Enter the username
  2. Enter the one-time password that you have receive 
  3. Click LOGIN
  4. You will be routed the the CHANGE PASSWORD page (see below)

Change Password Page

  1. Username is already filled in
  2. Old Password: Enter the one-time password (or old password) that you have received
  3. New Password: enter your personal password according the security requirements (password length, special characters, numbers)
  4. Enter the new password again
  5. Enter the Captcha code, if needed 
  6. Click CHANGE PASSWORD => you will be forwarded to the LOGIN PAGE

Login Page Features

  1. Enter the username
  2. Enter your personal password
  3. Choose software option "GPS Fleet Software"
  4. Activate "Remember Login" if you want to store the username and password in the browser


Other features


Forgot passwordRequest a new password (see below)

Language selection

Choose English or Deutsch (German)

Arabic and other language can only be used with restrictions, no guarantee on completeness or correctness


After a software update in very rare cases you might need to delete the browser cache (browser options > privacy). Or press the combination CTRL, SHIFT and DEL on your keyboard.

You have forgot your password? Password request page

If your username has a valid email in the software, then you will receive a link via email to reset your passwords.

User Login Problems

Allow Encryption with HTTPS

HTTPS is a secure encrypted data transfer protocol between your client (pc or smartphone) and the web-server.

If the software is installed on a customer server, HTTPS might not be available.

Direct Login without password

Partner Login Branding

The GPS Fleet Software can show different logos and contact details if a partner is offering the software. Each partner gets a different link to show his logo.