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Troubleshooting RMA


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Installation Falcom Step III

Die Antenne für GPS und GSM ist kombiniert. Die GPS/GSM Antenne muss mit dem  Aufkleber-Seite Richtung himmelwärts angebracht werden.


Power Consumption

Opreational Mode

Sleep Mode

Deep Sleep Mode

Supply Voltage

~250 mA




Installation with Ignition and Permanent Power









Main Power + 10 V  - 35 V DC (Direct Current)




Main Power + 10 V  - 35 V DC (Direct Current)








Digital Input 1 connect to Ignition




Digital Input 1 connect to Ignition

Falcom Mounting Recommendations

  1. Connect the red and blue wire to main power, the brown wire to ground and the violet and black wire to ignition as shown above. Make sure not to mix up the cables with other wires.
  2. Correct LED Test
    After connecting to power the LED light must show green for approx. 10 seconds, then it must start blinking blue. If this is not the case, you must check the power connection and ground connection before continuing!
  3. Disconnect power again
    Before going on, you must disconnect the power now.
  4. Mount the GPS/GSM antenna
    The annta must be mounted on the front screen o runder the dashboard (make sure that it cannot get loose and fall down). The rubber side must have good view to the sky.
  5. After mounting it connect the antenna cables to the GPS device.
  6. After that you can connect the power again to the tracking device.
  7. Hide the device behind the dashboard. Make sure not leave some room for cables and to avoid excessive heat.
  8. Installation is correct if the LED shows green light (GPRS ok) and blinks with violet (power ok) and red (GPS ok)
  9. Finally, the position of the vehicle must be shown in the software (drive outside for 500 m, stop, turn off ignition for 2 minutes and drive back). The position should be shown in the software now.

Checking the Box

If the vehicle position is not shown in the software, please do the following tests:

  1. If you can hear the ringing, the Box is connected correctly with the GSM network. You can find the GSM number either in a vehicle installation list or in the software (asset configuration).
  2. If you are re-directed into the voice mail box, the box is not correctly connected with the GSM network. A local check of the device is necessary (power or SIM card)



  1. If the LED are not responding, the power connection is lost.
  2. If the LED only blinks red (GPS ok) and blue (power ok), then the device cannot be connnected tot he GSM network. The sim card must be checked using a mobile phone of the same operator. Refer to us to get to know the PIN code. After that you can check if GPRS is activated on the SIM card.
  3. If the test has shown a result (no red light means that the GPS antenna has a problem), please contact our support.


Installation Tests:

see Installation Tests and Reporting


see Troubleshooting RMA