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Email ReportsDue to performance reasons email reports with attachments larger than 5 MB will get links to download the attachments (single attachments and all attachments as zip). This is necessary to enhance the email service because emails with many attachments could not be delivered to customers..
Alarm EmailsThe daily alarm limits have been increased.
Logbook comment "no registered driver"

An automatic comment is added to the logbook if no driver is identified.

Logbook comment "

If the digital input "Bluelight" is connected, there will be an automatic comment in the logbook.

Dynamic fieldhave been removed from the software due to performance reasons
Archived assetsIt is easier now to change details of archived assets.
IVMS moduleThere is a special new multi-user JSON API for queries of IVMS assets.
New annual service reminder

There is a new annual service reminder. Based on Asset > Data > First registration date you can trigger an annual service reminder after 3 years, then after 2 years, then yearly. The email is sent 30 days prior to the due date..

The email is sent to the the email of the set standard driver or to the alarm email on the asset.

Alerts for analogue inputs

Analogue input values can be converted into ranges for tank fuel level in litre or percent or other values. On a predefined treshold you can trigger an alert.

Alerting drivers

The alerts are sent to the driver that is currently registered with the new setting.

Wrong driver alerts can be sent to the standard driver with the system wide setting (option > advanced)

Dynamic asset list

The dynamic asset list contains headers that can be used for flexible filters.

The filtered data can be downloaded with the kilometers driven from - to date.

New report

"Utilization per location

The report "Utilization per Location" uses the reporting group to show how many assets have been used in a group (e.g. 3 out of 4).

New beta report

"Monthly First-Last Trip "

The new beta test report shows details of the first trip in the morning and the last trip on the day

System changesdetails

Smartphone Apps

The GPS Fleet Software App, the GPS Workshop App, the driving time app and the barcode logbook app must be used with "https" in the server link instead of http.

The latest version is updated in through the app store.

You can also set the server link in the app settings.

up-to-date browsersUse up-to-date browsers (Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox) for good performance and security, older versions (Internet Explorer) deteriorate the performance and are not supported any more.

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