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RFID Bluetooth Beacons

New additional module for monitoring tools and small assets via bluetooth

Driver Management

The selection of drivers for single assets was improved

JSON interfaceThe getgpshistory call has got a new odometer distance information
Extended Asset Report
New Asset Data

There is a new Data tabsheet to add more details for assets:


Requesting second-by-second data for a past date for ATrack and Teltonika devices was removed

If second-by-second data is needed, it must be activated permanenty.

  • You can enter alert email recipients for IVMS alerts on each asset. The alert will be sent to the global account email AND the asset alerm email.

  • It is possible to enable or disable IVMS events for reports or event lists.

  • There is a NEW IVMS TRIP Report that contains more information and summary for export as EXCEL

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