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  • The Optimization Module compares routes travelled with an "ideal" route, that is automatically calculated. We will gladly activate the module for you to test it for a few days. 

    Helpful Tips 

    • The automatically calculated routes are suggestions from external navigation services - do not be disappointed if the results don't always meet your expectations.
    • The theoretically shortest route is obviously not always the most sensible one (traffic jams, difficult routes with a lot of traffic,...)
    • Individual logbook entries are always optimized. If a vehicle drives a circuit without interrupting the logbook entry, the optimization won't deliver sensible results 
    • Your support can help you to optimize the settings for best results. 
    • The individual settings under options can only be changes by provider support. 
    • The Optimization can be deactivated for individual vehicles (in case the results aren't sensible)
    • The Optimization helps to find vehicles that are not used correctly or where the logbook is not set correctly.

    Optimization Table

    Function or field


    Column Headers

    Column Headers can be hidden/showed and be saved

    FilterIt can be filtered by vehicles, groups, and date
    Min. SavingsA lower limit for the minimum saving in euros can be set so that only trips with a high saving potential are displayed
    Double-click the rowOpens the view of optimized routes
    Column Diff.  KM

    Dispensable kilometers

    The optimized route is shorter most of the times (see below), double-click the row for detailed view

    Column Diff. hh:mm:ss

    Longer driving times

    The optimized Tour is faster or equally fast (for shorter route)

    Optimized Route

    Function or field



    Original route that was driven

    REDOptimized route
    Optimization ResultShows potential savings
    IgnoreHides the optimized route (in case it doesn't make sense)

    Options > Optimization 

    The Optimization settings can be changed at the system level by the administrator and support provider.

    see Options Module

    Asset Configuration > Advanced 

    The Optimization settings can be deactivated or adjusted for individual vehicles.

    see Asset Configuration

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