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Start Page Features Top

Functions and fields



Asset list overview

Asset Detail View

Logbook module: edit the logbook

Report module



Tour module: optional, Garmin FMI needed

Geofence areas

Fuel module: optional, Beta-Feature

Time Data: optional time attendance data

RFID: optional wireless sensor data

Files/Pictures: optional attachment module


Interfaces: optional

UserManual Download-Link

System information


Log out


Vehicle symbols show the last position received from all the assets:

-          Red symbol means speed is zero

-          Green colour means vehicle is moving (speed above zero)

-          Yellow colour means that the position is not up-to-date (refer to asset configuration)

-          Black symbol means NO GPS (HDOP value >= 9)

-          Blue symbol means idle time (ignition on, no movement)

-          Grey symbol: maintenance, out of service (refer to asset configuration)

The mouse over the assets opens the detail view of said asset

Map menu (below the main menu)

Switch to History function

No Auto-zoom: deactivates the zoom function after every refresh

Map refresh interval: standard 1 Minute

Show last asset track

Excel-Download of the shown raw data


-          Google Earth KML Export of the shown raw data

-          Google Earth real-time link of the shown raw data HTTP Weblink for the shown vehicle

-          Data export to Archive (optional)


In the backup directory the system can store old data for a longer time and the data can be downloaded.


Adv.: show the advanced geofence functions

Search for an address and create a Geofence

-          Move map with mouse

-          Zoom in with mouse

-          Draw rectangle geofence with mouse

-          Draw polygon geofence with mouse

-          Geofence filter for groups/tours

-          Activate/deactivate geofence filter

Tree: show the left column

Alarms: show the right column

System-Info (down)

Date and version, version info

Available SMS for alarms, optional

Maps features

Standard = always osm (openstreetmaps), additional maps can be displayed. This depends on the availability, and is still tested.

Menu points Standard

Single menue items can be shown or hidden.

  • Logbook Modul: to edit logbook trips
  • Reports 
  • Emails 
  • Geofences
  • Options
  • Link to Support
  • Exit/Logout

Optional menu items 

More menu items can be shown if necessary

  • IVMS in-vehicle monitoring system for driving behavior analysis
  • GPS Municipal winter service data
  • Fuel tank bills
  • Tour module
  • Time attendance
  • RFID sensors
  • Fleet data

Status colours of the assets

The asset colours have the following meaning

  • RED symbol = stopped (waiting time with speed 0 or ignition OFF)
  • GREEN = moving (speed is > 0)
  • Yellow/ORANGE means last position is older than 48 hours 
  • BLACK means no accurate GPS Position available (HDOP >= 9)
  • BLUE means idle time (speed close to 0 and ignition is ON)
  • GREY colour means that the vehicle is configured to be in the workshop (out of duty)

Important command icons

One click will show the the last position of this asset and follow it (unselect others).

One click will open the driving history of the day for this asset. The green arrows and calender items can be used to change the start and end time.

One click will zoom to the asset without changing the selection.

Clicking on the asset in the map


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