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In case of questions please contact our support.



  • The Login-page has a new design and look.

  • The "remember password" feature was removed. The validity of the password was extended to 1 month. Users can login for 1 month without re-entering the password. After 1 month users must enter the password again.
  • Users can trigger a new password by using the "Forgot Password" function. The new password is sent to the user's email.
  • If there is no email or in case of difficulties, users can contact our support.
Password reset
  • The reworked password reset will now work using a reset link instead of a temporary password. It can be triggered from the login using the username/email and it is secured using an invisible Recaptcha.

Two-factor authentication
  • The new system supports two-factor-authentication using Time-Based-One-Time Codes (TOTP). It can be activated in the security settings for all types of users by scanning a QR code using a compatible app (e.g. Google Authenticator or Authy).

Single-Sign-On (using SAML)
  • With the new system it's possible to configure a single sign on (SSO) using SAML. An example for a compatible SSO would be Microsoft Active Directory / Office 365. 
  • A "SSO" button will appear on the login site if a SSO is configured. Clicking on it will redirect the user to the external sign-in page. After logging in, the users will be redirected back and logged into the correct user, if one was found. Users can be matched by E-Mail or UKey.

Software Demo
  • A beta-version of the new software is available for testing. It shows the new design with limited software functions.

  • The logbook module has been revised with new functions and the icon in the main menu of the GPS Fleet software has been changed.

Master Data > Driver
  • Individual settings for the logbook have been expanded and have been moved to the Master Data > Edit Person/Driver section.

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