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In case of questions please contact our support.



  • The "remember password" feature was removed. The validity of the password was extended to 1 month. Users can login for 1 month without re-entering the password. After 1 month users must enter the password again.
  • Users can trigger a new password by using the "Forgot Password" function. The new password is sent to the user's email.
  • If there is no email or in case of difficulties, users can contact our support.
Mobile App Login 

There is a new smartphone app technology available.

Users of our Cloud Service can use the below link on their mobile phones:

You can save the login link on your mobile phone as "App symbole":

  1. Open the "Mobile APP Login" on the login page on your mobile phone
  2. The Mobile App Login is open on your browser
  3. send the page to your favorites or to your home screen for apps


The old smartphone login link was removed. Server customers can use the new smartphone app technology by replacing the service link (systemlink/GFS/pwa/a e.g. )


The Auto-Zoom checkbox was changed.

If Auto-Zoom is active, the map zoom will change automatically.

If Auto-Zoom is not active, the map zoom stay on the zoom level.


The history feature was changed. There is a new pulldown for today, yesterday, 7 days, etc.

Speed curve chart

The historical data chart was moved to a new separate icon.

Playback of data

The playback was improved.


There is a new Favorites menu icon that can be used to store reports for a faster overview.

You can add reports to the Favorites in the reporting module.

Master data of drivers/users/RFID

There is a new Master data table for editing drivers, users, RFID, etc. 

Asset configuration

The asset configuration general window was cleaned and some of the elements are shifted to "Alarms".

  • Disable in reports: will not show asset in reports
  • Out of service: will change colour to grey
  • Hide in Asset list: asset not shown in colour asset list
  • Do not show in map: hide asset in main map

#Tags for better groups

You can set #tags for assets (or drivers) for easier reporting and filters.


The #Tag function can also be used for drivers/persons and beacons.

Reports for filter assets

There is a new filter setting to select assets for reports based on all possible parameters and filters.

  • Click on the Filter symbol
  • select the assets that you want to filter
  • drag the selected assets to the right coloumn
  • Save the selection

Account optionsShowing/hiding menu points has been moved to a new section that can be altered by the support only.
Processing of geofence data

If you do a geofene report with a time where no old data is available,  the geofence report title will show the olderst available data.

Switching design

You can change the design theme under options to a blue (common) view or dark view.

Tankbelege Import

The fuel import module has a new import feature.

Alarm dependencies

It is possible to enable or disable alerts if other inputs are on or off. Pls contact our support for more details.

End-of-Lifetime (EOL)

  • Old Smartphone Link was removed.
  • Tripmatix App will be stopped.

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