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Powered By
Amazon Web Services

Since version 3.8.56 our web cloud service is running on Amazon Web Services. 


Our GPS Fleet Software operates on the same reliable, scale-able infrastructure as the global e-commerce giant

Benefits for our customers:

  • State of the art cloud service infrastructure
  • Fit for service, scale-able and extremely powerful
  • Highest level of security (data security, protection against hackers, backups)
  • Highest reliability, minimal risk of downtimes (server, internet, firewall)
  • The cooperation with AWS guarantees a long-term stable operation with reliable running costs.
  • Your data will be stored on servers in Frankfurt (Germany) inside the European Union. We remain the data processor of your data.
New map integration

The new Leaflet map integratino was improved and set as new standard.

The change to Leaflet starts by May 26, 2021.

The Leaflet integration is necessary because the formerly used map integration is not developed anymore.

Changed Leaflet features:

  • Drawing new geofence areas has become easier.
  • Many objects (assets) can be shown as cluster on the map.
  • Alternative maps can be shown with the top left symbol.
Reports in new designThe reporting headers have got a new colour and the report footer has got a printing date.
New Logbook A4 report

As a test we have implemented a logbook in new A4 portrait format. 

Neuer Standort Bericht

The new Utilization report shows how many assets have been used in a report group. The vertical axis is the number of assets in the reporting group.

Not supported anymore

End-of-Lifetime (EOL)

The fomer map integration is end of life-time.

Older servers must be updated to Java 11 because older Java versions are outdated.

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