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The Tour Module is used for creating and monitoring tours.


  • Tour options must be set under the account options
  • Vehicle-reated tour fields must be set under the asset configuration
  • Your vendor must enable your account to work with tours and optimization (not available in all countries)
  • There is no guarantee and support for improving or rectifying optimization results, the optimization engine works as it is and we cannot change or influence the routing optimization.



You can use the template pulldown to select available tour templates.


Left coloumn

List of possible geofences for adding to a tour

+ Symbol

New tour


To update the lists


Details: to open the tour details

Show tour on map: for a future release

Send Tour to driver

Manually start tours: activates the tour (else the right asset must enter one of the tour geofences)

Show tour jobs: shows the active tours

Text filter

To search for specific tours

Show deactivated

Shows old delected tours

Adding new tours

You can select available tour templates.




Name of the tour

TemplateSelect available tour templates, contact your provider support for getting templates

Text field


Pull down


Vehicle that is assigned to the tour

Driver 1/2Select the assigned driver
Authorizing personTour manager
Checkbox fieldsYou can add text and separate it by "," so that the elements will be shown as separate checkbox elements on the tour form report
Comment and info fieldsUsed for the tour form report
Show comment fieldsCheck in order to show the comment fields on the tour form report
Plan KM

Planned tour distance

Alerts are planned in the future!

Tour KM Buffer

KM that can be exceeded beyond the planned KM

Alerts are planned in the future!

Plan Time (min)

Expected trip duration for the tour

Alerts are planned in the future!

Tour Time Buffer

Additional time needed for the tour

Alerts are planned in the future!

Alarm featuresFor a future release
Disable date

To deactivate / delete a tour


Adding and configuring single tour stopps

You can drag & drop new stops from the geofence list on the left side into the tour stop list.

Double click on a stop in the stop list to show the details:




Name of the stop


Sorting order of the stop


Used on the tour form report

Plan Day

0 ... today

1 ... tomorrow


Plan Arrival (hh)planned time to enter the geofence, for example 15 for 3:30 PM
Plan Arrival (mm)planned arrival minutes, for example 30 for 3:30 pm
Plan Rest Duration
planned time for staying in the geofence
Plan Exit (hh)planned time to leave the geofence, for example 16 for 4:30 PM
Plan Exit (mm)planned time to leave minutes, for example  45 for 4:45 PM
Plan Arrival Relation
Plan Exit Relation 
Starts TourTour will be started automatically if the vehicle enters this area
Wrong Order Alert
For a future release
Late Arrival Alert
For a future release
Late Departure Alert
For a future release
Too short Break Alert
For a future release
must be visited
For a future release
Disable date

To deactive/delete a tour stop

Starting a tour

In order to work with a tour, you need to start it first. You can start a tour manually in the software. A tour is also started if the assigned vehicle enters a stop that has the attribute "start tour".


You can check the currently active tours:

Optimizing a Tour (not available for all countries)

You can select a tour and click on Actions > Optimization so that the tour stops are planned according the shortest/fastest tour distance.

The optimization only works if the tour vehicle has a defined tour start / end geofence that can be set in the asset configuration.

The Tour Optimization sorts the stopps according the fastest route. It starts the calculation from the tour start geofence from the asset and ends the calculation at the tour end geofence of the asset.

The optimzed result can be send to a driver.


Sending a Tour to a driver

You can select a tour and use the Action > Send Order to send the tour list to a driver.

You need to select a driver with email so that the tour details are shown.

You can tour-relevant template fields in your tour body text. You will find the list of templates in the tour options.

Tour Reports

Tour Form Report

To show the tour details, tour comments and check boxes. It shall be used to print out and hand it over to the driver. Drivers can add their comments on the empty fields and check boxes.

Tour Compare 1 Report

To compare the planned vs. the actual arrival and departure times at the different tour stops

Tour Compare 2 Report

To compare the planned vs. the actual tour distance and tour time



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