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Important Information

Troubleshooting RMA

General Instructions

Troubleshooting RMA


General Information

Installation of the Iridium Container Tracking Unit

The Iridium Container Tracking Unit will be activated for Iridium SBD Data and for the GPS Fleet Software by the seller before releasing it to you. The CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT shall be installed in horizontal position onto a (ferro) steel surface with no obstructions to the sky above. As soon as the CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT is mounted onto ferrous metal, it will be switched on automatically. If the unit is provided with magnets, be aware. These magnets are very strong!!! The CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT will send a first GPS position immediately to confirm the unit is switched on and working.

Please note that it can take several minutes before a message from the unit is received (depending on satellites in sight). GPS takes typically 40..50 seconds for a cold start fix. Latency in the Iridium Network is very low. Typical values measured 12 .. 15 seconds. When the CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT is removed from ferrous metal, it will be triggered to send another message. As soon as the last message is sent, the CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT will switch into the power-down state again (factory power-down state).

Installation with Magnets

Holding the CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT with both hands, hold it over the area where it shall be placed. Tilt the unit appr. 45 degrees as shown in figure below. Then lower it onto the steel surface and turn the unit until the magnets make contact with the steel surface. Try to do this as controlled as possible to avoid a ‘slam’ and keep your fingers free from the CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT surface contact area. Slamming the unit onto the steel surface could cause damage due to extreme G-forces that might occur. Reverse this procedure to remove an unit. Never try to slide a unit. This will damage the magnetic’s corrosion protective coating and the steel (paint) surface it is mounted on.

Installation with screw mounting

If the CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT should be installed using 4 pieces M5 bolts, the bolts shall not be longer then 18mm plus the steel surface thickness. Drill 4 holes Ø 5,5 mm according the drill plan. See figure below. X is steel surface thickness Bolt M5 maximum length is X+18 mm


Battery life

The CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT is equipped with a 7.2 Volts / 36Ah Lithium-Thionyl-Chloride battery. Contradictory to other batteries e.g. alkaline or so, is that the cell voltage does not drop if the battery wears and therefore it is difficult to measure the actual battery conditions. Taking in count the self-discharge of the battery, average time to get a GPS fix and the average time needed on the Iridium network to send a message, a prognoses of the battery life span related to several reporting time interval was calculated. Rule of thumb is that 3650 reports can be send on one battery:

8 reports and a total of 16 positions per day battery life span 3.2 years

4 reports and a total of 8 positions per day battery life span 4.2 years

2 reports and a total of 4 positions per day battery life span 5.0 years

1 reports and a total of1 position per day battery life span 10 years

Replacement of the battery

If the battery needs to be replaced, we advice to return the CONTAINER TRACKING UNIT to the seller. Along with the battery, the gasket in the lid of the unit, shall also be replaced to ensure optimum moisture ingress protection.








Optional Magnets Weight

Magnets Holding Force

 350x100x50 mm

1250 gr.


1080 N (~108 Kg)



Operating Temperature

-35..+65 C




Relative 100%




7.2V / 36000mAh



Power consumption

Sleep: 216 uA



Estimated nr. of transmissions from 1 battery




Motion Sensor


used to control reporting frequency



Ferro Detector


used as turn on/off switch and

removal/sabotage detector



Iridium Constellation

True Global Coverage



GPS Accuracy

20 channels Sirf III

1.8 m CEP(95)




see Troubleshooting RMA


Please check, if the device is outside.

Also the battery might be empty and has to be replaced by us.

Also check, if you have an active subscription for this device with us.




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