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New "Leaflet" map mode

The new map mode for Leaflet can be activated by our support.

  • Assets are summed up to "clusters" to avoid an overfull map with many assets on the same location.
  • You can draw new geofences using the new symbols in the map

Asset details
  • You can use the Asset Detail View to jump directly to editing the asset or the driver

  • New geofence mode to better load a lot of geofences
  • New mode to use geofences only for the logbook
  • New map symbols to draw geofences

Waiting times and idle times

In the detail view of the idle times you can show the duration of the additional inputs.

Change odometer KM

  • The logbook odometer calibration "Change KM" is changed to entering meters instead of kilometers.

CANBUS Calibration

  • The customer account can be set to CANBUS calibration by our support. In this case all distances will be calculated using CANBUS values.
    • General = no selection => all assets' logbook distances are calculated based on CANBUS total mileage (1x per kilometer, jumps are possible)
    • CAN Advanced Mode 2 (daily cali): the distance is calculated based on GPS distance and once per day a new CANBUS Total Mileage value is used to set the total calibration.
    • No CAN Calibration (Mode 2): the logbook distance will be calculated based on GPS without CAN calibration
CANBUS Refueling Stops
  • If the CANBUS fuel level in Liter or percentage is transmitted, you can set a delta value to recognize refueling stopps and show them in a report with tank refuel stopps.
  • Exceptions: sudden jumps in fuel level are possible, time and gps position of the change of fuel level could be delayed from real petrol station.
Historic raw data
  • The XLS data download of the track history was enhanced:
    • Additional CANBUS fields
    • Additional electronic car mobility fields
    • Additional RS232 fields
JSON Interface

The JSON API got additional features

  • Creating additional geofence areas with Lat & Long
  • "create asset" call to add new assets
  • "archive asset" call to change the asset state to inactive
  • Calls to change the state of assets
  • "get logbook" call to request logbook data and charge-able data
  • "getElectricCarHistory" call to get data of electronic cars
LDAP Interface

A new interface to create drivers automatically was added

Driver cards are read automatically via LDAP

Single-Sign-OnA new single-sign-on-mode was developped
Security Updates
  • Security for SQL was updated
  • Security for role-based users was updated
User rights

  • For operator users and manager users you can set individual user rights.
  • Operators can be also assigned to groups using chargeable groups.
New mode for driver identification

A new mode for device-side driver identification can be activated by the support. Please note that this might require a configuration update.

  • The new driver identification mode turns the buzzer ON when ignition is started until the driver uses his driver ID to identify.
  • A new driver identification is only required...
    • in the "Pool" car mode after a stop with ignition off for more than 10 minutes
    • in the "Daily Login" mode after a stop with ignition off for more than 10 hours
    • in the "Temporary" pool or daily login mode the next start requires an identification, then the system changes to "fix", daily or pool.
    • in the "Fix" mode there will be no new required identification, the last identification is used.
Data Protection
  • The lists for email and SMS can be hidden and deactivated by our support

    • You can hide private times in the Monthly Overview 
    • You can hide the adress if alerts are generated for assets with private switch

Fahrzeug Stammdaten
  • There are a lot of new data fields for assets:

  • A new pulldown for customer car category was added where admin users can create new list elements (refer to options)
  • Chargeable groups can be used to summarize billing data reports
  • The Login mode can be altered using Actions > Login
  • The additional fields can be shown in the dynamic report view and the "Asset Data" report.
Asset Driver
  • The driver list in the asset configuration has got a new search function below.

  • If you search and find a new driver name, it is automatically enabled as "allowed driver" in the above list.
  • The new inputs "Bluelight" will generate an automatic comment in the logbook.

Fahrzeug Datenschutz
  • Am Fahrzeug Reiter Erweitert kann eingestellt werden, dass Fahrzeuge nicht in der Fahrzeugliste angezeigt werden
  • Am Fahrzeug Reiter Erweitert kann eingestellt werden, dass Fahrzeuge nicht in der Landkarte angezeigt werden

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Datenschutz Funktion

Es ist möglich, nach x Tagen die Geschwindigkeit von Fahrzeugen auf einen Standardwert zu setzen (einstellbar vom Support). Dadurch werden die tatsächlichen Geschwindigkeiten nicht mehr angezeigt.

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Monatliche Fahrtenbuch Email
  • Es ist möglich, dass jeder Fahrer eine Mail mit den eigenen Fahrtenbuchfahrten und dem Monatsgesamtüberblick bekommt (aktivierbar über Support).
  • Die Vorschau Mail wird am 1. des Monats versendet (Datum einstellbar über den Support)
  • Die finale Mail wird am 15. des Monats versendet (Datum einstellbar über den Support)
  • Zwischen Vorschau Mail und finaler Mail ist es für den Fahrer möglich, die Fahrten im Fahrtenbuch-Modul zu editieren. Danach ist eine Änderung nicht mehr möglichAsset Data Protection
    • Under Asset > Advanced you can hide the asset in the asset list or "do not show in map" or hide in google earth real-time link

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    Data Protection

    It is possible to set the speed to an artificial value after X days. This can be done to hide the real driving speed. This setting can only be set by the support.

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    Monthly email
    • It is possible that every driver gets a monthly mail with his logbook trips
    • The initial preview mail is sent on the 1st of every month.
    • Then the driver can edit and comment his own trips
    • The 2nd mail with the final logbook details is sent on the 15th of the month.
    • After this date the driver cannot add comments anymore.