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The Tankmatix sensor head is mounted vertically to the tank via its connection thread (size G3/4), which is screwed directly into a standard threaded tank connection.

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Inserting and replacing batteries


The external GPS antenna can be connected on the 2nd connector.

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Installation Test

  • The sensor configuration will trigger a sensor value (every 5 minutes, every, hour, daily). 
  • The sensor values must be received correctyl in the GPS Fleet software. You will need the software access data to check the data.
  • The input value is the distance between the sensor's upper end of the sensor probe to the fuel level, measured in millimetres.
  • The values 1 and value 2 and the percentage figures can be configured in the softare.
  • If the tank is empty, the input value in millimetres must be the total height of the tank. If the tank is full, the input value will be smaller, you can simulate a full tank by touching the probe e.g. 20 centimetres below the upper end and wait until the next measurement takes plce.