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  • /data/getLastTimeRecord: calling this command with parameters apikey and personid will return the last time record of this person.
  • /data/getActivityTypes: calling this command with the apikey returns all activity types of the account.
  • /asset/getAssets_by_assetkey: calling this command with apikey and assetkey returns the asset for the given key. (The key must be set inside the GPS Fleet Software and can be used to reference to a third party system)


  • /upload: calling this command will allow to upload a file to the server (an image in most cases). As always the apikey is needed as parameter, optional opt_relationID, opt_pkid, opt_category, opt_name, opt_commentinfo, opt_binid can be set to specify the relation and the object the file relates to or to set the category, name or a comment, also the binid could be set to overwrite an existing file.