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  • This line was added.
  • This line was removed.
  • Formatting was changed.


  • The geofence import actions was moved to the action menu, a rext serch field was added to enable also a search for an object nr for example
  • CACHE: Many changes were done to get auto cache. Around 80% of the cases should reload automatically after these changes
  • Also not sending assets are displayed in the list now
  • The add asset mask was improved, if an msisdn is pre-configured on the dataserver, it will load it now

  • New Add Button in the main menu to add a new asset

  • The new add button can be made invisible by the options menu, the default is visible
  • The address search was changed to the faster and better google address search.
    • There is only on address filed in the search mask
    • Also the geofence mask has been improved and the adress search was simplified to one search line.

New Tour Feature (optional, payable BETA-Feature)

The new tour module can be used to