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  • The license for the tour module must be activated by your vendor support.
  • There is no guarantee and support for improving or rectifying optimization results, the optimization engine works as it is and we cannot change or influence the routing optimization.
  • Drivers require an email adress and a smartphone so that you can send orders and tours to them.
  • Sending sms reminders is charge-able and requires a sms interface.
  • Creating new journey management forms as pdf is possible, but not included in the standard price.
  • The support for working with smartphones, navigation devices and apps is not included in our standard support.


Tour Plans

"Plus" creates a tour plan. A tour plan is a planned journey without an exact date or asset. You can create one tour plan and create many tours out of this tour plan.


You can select the right journey management form in the tour form:


Importing a tour via Excel

You can use the excel master template to import a tour with the related stopps.

Creating a tour plan from a GPX file