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The Tour Module is used for

  • creating tour plans to automatically if stopps are on time or left out
  • creating journey plans and printing them as PDF and automatically and monitoring


  • if the plan is carried out on time
  • creating tours with new stops and plan the route between the stops (optimizing tours)
  • sending stops to drivers using email
  • letting drivers work on stops and giving feedback using the GPS Fleet Software app


Download Osmand Navi App for Android smartphones


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Table of Contents




  • The license for the tour module must be activated by your vendor support.
  • There is no guarantee and support for improving or rectifying optimization results, the optimization engine works as it is and we cannot change or influence the routing optimization.
  • Drivers require an email adress and a smartphone so that you can send orders and tours to them.
  • Sending sms reminders is charge-able and requires a sms interface.
  • Creating new journey management forms as pdf is possible, but not included in the standard price.
  • The support for working with smartphones, navigation devices and apps is not included in our standard support.


Tour Plans

"Plus" creates a tour plan. A tour plan is a planned journey without an exact date or asset. You can create one tour plan and create many tours out of this tour plan.


You can add a tour stopp for a tour (tour plan) with the PLUS symbol.




Name of the stop



Sorting order of the stop

This field is important to sort the order
Start at visitVisit in the geofence starts the tourThis field is important if entering the geofance shall start a tour
End at visit

Visit in the geofence ends the tour

This field is important if entering the geofance shall end a tour
GeofenceSelect the right customer (or geonfence) 

Rest at stopp

Call manager

Info fields 
Arrival Day

1 ... today

2 ... tomorrow


Arrival (hh)

planned time to enter the geofence, for example 15 for 3:30 PM

This field is important for getting alerts
Arrival (mm)planned arrival minutes, for example 30 for 3:30 pmThis field is important for getting alerts
Plan Rest Duration
planned time for staying in the geofence 
Departure Day

1 ... today

2 ... tomorrow


Departure (hh)planned hour to leave the geofence, for example 16 for 4:30 PMThis field is important for getting alerts
Departure (mm)planned time to leave minutes, for example  45 for 4:45 PMThis field is important for getting alerts
Break duration
Planned minimum duration of the breakThis field is important for getting alerts
Disable date

To deactive/delete a tour stop

Distance to next stopwill be automatically calculated with the optimization 
Disable dateTo disable the stopp 



Starting a tour

In order to work with a tour, you need to start it first. You can start a tour manually in the software. A tour is also started if the assigned vehicle enters a stop that has the attribute "start tour".

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You can check the currently active tours:

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Optimizing a Tour (not available for all countries)

You can select a tour and click on Actions > Optimization so that the tour stops are planned according the shortest/fastest tour distance.

The optimization only works if the tour vehicle has a defined tour start / end geofence that can be set in the asset configuration.

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The Tour Optimization sorts the stopps according the fastest route. It starts the calculation from the tour start geofence from the asset and ends the calculation at the tour end geofence of the asset.

The optimzed result can be send to a driver.



Importing tour stops from the geofence list

The import function will add all selected geofences to the tour plan.

You can select the right geofences with the filter.

Press "Add stop" to add the geofences to the tour.

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Convert a tour plan into a tour

You can create a tour from a tourplan by adding an asset, driver and start date for the tour. The tour state can be changed manually (from unprocessed to started or ended) or it is changed automatically if an asset enters a geofence that is marked as "visit stops tour" or "visit ends tour".

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Tour Overview Report (only for finished tours)

  • A tour ends automatically if an asset enters a tour geofence that is marked as "visit ends tour"
  • A tour can be finished manually in the tour form status pulldown.
  • A tour is finished automatically after some time (Finished by timeout or finished by exception).

The tour overview report contains:

  • Tour name and assigned drivers and vehicles
  • Tour state (finished, started, unprocessed)
  • Start and end time for the tour
  • Stops that have not been visisted by the vehicle
  • If the tour has been finished in time (compared to the tour form)

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Send a tour or tour plan to a driver

You can select a tour and use the Action > Send Order to send the tour list to a driver.

Requirements for sending tours

  • You need to select a driver with email so that the tour details are shown.

You can tour-relevant template fields in your tour body text. You will find the list of templates in the tour options.

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Tour Reports

Tour Form Report

To show the tour details, tour comments and check boxes. It shall be used to print out and hand it over to the driver. Drivers can add their comments on the empty fields and check boxes.

View file

Tour Compare 1 Report

To compare the planned vs. the actual arrival and departure times at the different tour stops

View file

Tour Compare 2 Report

To compare the planned vs. the actual tour distance and tour time


  • An email must be added for the driver
  • If you want to use a garmin navi, you need to connect a compatible garmin navi with an FMI cable and set "navi connected" in the asset configuration.

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All details (tour stops, locations, phone numbers, comments) will be sent to the driver's smartphone via email.


Tour Options

Changing the email templates

Under Administration > Messaging you can change the email templates for sending orders.

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Order state for sent tours

If an asset arrives at a stop, the stopp is shown as done with the timestamp. This list only works if the order is sent to a driver using email or garmin navi.

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Change tour status fields

Under Options > Tour Status you can define your own tour status fields.

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Change status fields for tour stopps

Under Options > Tour Stop Status you can define your own tour stop status fields (for future use).

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Optimizing tour (plans)

With Actions > Optimization you can automatically route ("optimize") the stops.

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The available tour stops are routed depending on the shortest time to distance. The tour starts with the first stop as start point and ends at the last stop as final destination. All stops between the first and the final stop are rerouted. The optimization changes the arrival times and the planned tour distance and the tour duration.

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The optimization also takes into account if a geofence has a longer processing time or time windows for a visit.

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Downloading a Journey Plan (Tour-PDF)

You can download the journey plan as PDF for each tour plan or tour. You can also send the tour plan as PDF to the driver.

Select the tour and choose Action > Journey Plan PDF

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Uploading a journey plan template in the system

You must upload a prepared PDF form with the right field expressions as a file in the system.

The upload only works if the FILE module is shown in the software.

Please contact us for preparing a PDF with the right field expressions.

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Select the right tour template

You can select the right journey management form in the tour form:

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Importing a tour via Excel

You can use the excel master template to import a tour with the related stopps.

Creating a tour plan from a GPX file

You can convert a historic track from KML into GPX. Then, you can upload the GPX file and create a tour plan from the GPX file. A GPX Tour has a track, no stops.

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Alert when entering/leaving the GPX track

  • You can get an alert when entering or leaving the GPX track
  • The alert will only work if the GPX track is longer than 10 minutes.
  • The alert considers a minimum distance from the track (approx. 200 meters)


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Navigating through an GPX Tour with the Tour App


Login as driver in the Tour App:

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Select the asset and the tour plan, then click on "Start from Tour template". A new tour will be started from the template.

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The navigation app OSMand is started automatically.

Navigating using Osmand Android App

  • You can install Osmand Navi App on any Android device for free.
  • You can download the maps for your home country for free so that you have them offline on your device.
  • Our support does not include using the navigation app.


The navigation app will try to route the driver along the predefined GPX track.

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Stop the tour

By clicking on the back button on your smartphone you will return back to the Tour App. You shall stopp the tour in the tour app, so that it is stopped in the system.