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Options General Tabsheet


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Function or field


File Report Backup

Start the creation of the file archive (optional)

E-Mail Report backup this year

E-Mail Report backup all data

Device Center Export

Starts the export of the Tempore Device Center

Account Admin Password

Change it here


Upload or change the logo for the reports


Add or change the activities for Tempore or Garmin FMI driver state

Reporting Footer

Change the footer of the reports

System Language

Define the language of the alerts, system news, etc.

Delete Private Data

Private data from the private switch is deleted irrevocably

Customer Contact Name and E-Mail 1

Receives all email alerts

SMS Alarm1

Receives the SMS and Call alerts

Always enter phone numbers using the country code +43…

Geofence Size

Size of automatically added geofences (generated by button, Garmin-FMI or interface)

Comma Format

Change between comma and point as separator in reports

Receive Annual Report by E-Mail (weekly)

Receive the logbooks of the last 12 months via email

Report e-mail address

Recipient of the annual reports

Not sending asset alarm email address

Recipient of alert if a vehicle stops sending for a while


Switch off Email and SMS alerts

Remuneration Calculation

Activate the remunerations calculation for persons/drivers

Time Recording

Activate the time recording table

Country Change Logbook Split

When leaving a country a new logbook trip is started

Requires TeleAtlas data

Country leaving alert type

The home country leaving alert is configured for each asset.

Here you can set the type of alarm notification for all assets for this alarm.

Iso 2 address Search Country

Home country for address search and geofence creation

You can set it to your home country

100% Private Mode

Vehicles that drive with active private switch are not shown in the map

Keep SummertimeHistoric data from summer time that is sent during winter time will be shown in summer time
Automatically create new driver on iButton inputEvery new driver identification code that comes from a device will create a new driver in the software


Options GUI1

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Function or field


Asset list Refresh Time [sec]

Refreshes the Asset list periodically

Logbook showed recoreds

Number of lines in the logbook module

Alarm List Refresh Time [sec]

Refresh time for the events and alerts (right)

Max. Entries for Lists

Number of lines in the lists

Logbook max. search records

Number of search records

Reports show fuel

Vehicles with CANBUS will also show fuel data in the reports

Reports show hours

Operating hours will be shown in reports

Operating hours are based on ignition ON

Excel reports hide header/log

Headers and logo are disabled for Excel reports

New Window

Asset List and Reports can be opened as separate browser window

Map – first point at movement

The B beginning point in the history will show the time of the first movement

Geofence Import update

Activate this option to import geofences via excel

New Window

Opens the asset list or logbook module as new browser window

Hide assets out of service

Old / archived assets are not shown

Show Route Module

Route module (optional) can be shown


Get more debug messages

Secure Driver Mode

Driver Logins only see the logbook module and selected reports, they can only change the comment.

Show additional inputsAdditional inputs are shown in some standard reports


Options for Tours (optional)

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Function or field


Account uses Tours

Activates the tour module
End tours after x hoursActive tours will be stopped automatically
End tours after y hours without new eventActive tours will be stopped automatically after y hours without new event
WorktimeUsed for the tour optimization


Options for DC Tempore Device Center (optional)


Areas are a type field that is used for geofence elements and persons. It can be used to organize geofences and persons.


Admin User

The password for the admin user can be changed.

The admin user also has an assigend driver (can be used for the smartphone app)

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Positions for Persons/Drivers

You can configure the positions for the pulldown for the drivers.

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Options - Messaging

You can change the Tour Master Template, so that your orders contain additional fields.

You can use %fields% to show different tour attributes. Contact your vendor for a list of %fields%.

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Apps & Communication

You could configure your own Mail-Server to send out orders to your drivers.

The checkboxes SMS, Navi, Email are used to set the standard communication mode with your drivers.

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used to set the XML API Key that is used for the JSON interface.

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Find more Details about the JSON interface here.


Operating Data Logging

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The orange and red colour difference is used for the operationg data report that compares the duration of Ignition ON time with the duration of a working signal input (digital input 1, 2, 3 or 4).

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If Record Dynamic Field History is checked, the data inputs are stored in a list. This can be used for changing data inputs:

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