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No GPS-Fix

Bad GPS-Fix

Good GPS-Fix


Inside buildings, under bridges, tunnels

Wrong position of GPS antenna or antenna broken

After device-startup

Near to buildings

Bad position of GPS antenna

Too less satellites

Good view to the sky

Un-covert GPS antenna


HDOP Values

HDOP > 8

HDOP value is not available, HDOP warning is shown in software

HDOP between 1.5 and 8

HDOP value is not being sent, HDOP warning is shown in software

HDOP <= between 0.5 and 1.5

HDOP Value very  accurate


No current position

No additional information

Current position could be in-accurate

Data is sent

No additional information

Current accurate position

Data is sent

Driving distance (second-by-second odometer), speed, etc.


Track will be shown as “straight line”

Track will be precise, but the driving distance and speed will not be accurate

Track is precise

Driving distance is precise

Speed is precise



Ignition ON

Ignition OFF

No Ignition connected


Ignition connected with digital input according InstallationManual

Ignition connected with digital input according InstallationManual



Trip is started

Trip is finished

Movement data


Start of trip in logbook

End of trip in logbook, start of waiting time

No accurate measurement of start and end of logbook


Importance of the ignition for the software

If the box is only connected to the power via ignition plus, the timestamps are shown with a bad or no GPS fix. (30 seconds up to 4 minutes).

If the box has no ignition signal on the digital input, there can’t be any entries of waiting times with ignition ON and the device can’t differ between it, the logbook will be empty if this is the case!

Definition for waiting-time, idle-time with ignition ON and driving time


Certain tracking devices have no ignition input (e.g. personal mobile battery tracker CT07). They send data when the device is moving. Short movements below 10 meter are set to 0 to show stops. Else the device would always detect small movement even if you are stopped.


The legal requirements for using and accepting a logbook differ from country to country. There is no guarantee that your financial authorities accept our logbook just because we call it a „logbook“. The term as such is no guarantee. Please refer to our standard terms.Normally our  Normally our logbooks are very precise. But external factors (GPS jumps, problems with ignition, no GPS fix) can affect the logbook. Please check your logbook from time to time.


Report Requirements

  • Reports are stored normally for 12 monthsaccording a data storage time and deleted automatically. You are responsible as a user for the filing and saving of your companies data. We suggest that you control your data backups and files at least every week. Since we are not responsible for your data backups and filing.
  • The data in different reports don’t necessarily match each other. Rounding or different calculations could be the reason.


  1. Only selected tracking devices support a connection with a navigation device.
  2. Requires a compatible Garmin navigation device, we can provide you with a list of devices
  3. Requires a special FMI cable
  4. The Garmin device must be installed properly in the car (with permanent power)
  5. The software must be enabled to support navigation.
  6. The sleep mode on the tracking device must be de-activated and “Navi connected” must be set in the asset configuration



Requirements for smartphone applications

  • Downloading, installing and using smartphone apps are handled by the user. There is no guarantee that all


  • features will work


  • with all smartphone modells. 
  • The support for individual smartphone users is not included.
  • There might be additional charges for downloading and using apps and mapping data