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Important Information

Troubleshooting RMA

General Safety Instructions

Troubleshooting RMA




AK1 DM 20130121-1.pdf




Power Consumption

Opreational Mode

Sleep Mode after 15-60 Min

Deep Sleep Mode

Supply Voltage

~250 mA


5-7 mA (a special config is necessary)



*! Attention: the output/input of the brown and grey cable must be configured prior to the connection. Else the device will be damaged!

Installation Tests:

see GPS Installation App Tests and ReportingDocumentation


Erwartetes Ergebnis

GPS Antenna

GPS Antenne is fixed and the round part is facing the satelite!

Ignition is OFF

LED’s are on and permanet power is available on the power supply cable

Ignition is ON

An record with ignition on is written in the data tool.

Ignition OFF

An record with ignition off is written in the data tool.

500 meter driving outside with some ignition changes

The whole trip is recorded in the datatool.

All ignition changes are recorded.



Erwartetes Ergebnis

Ignition on

The data tool shows an value in the column temp1

A record with ignition on is written in the data tool.

Connecting Outputs


Image Removed


The digital outputs can be activated using special SMS commands that can be requested when necessary.

The usage of outputs can lead to dangerous situations and needs precaution. The provider EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OR LIABILITIES that could be caused by connecting outputs. The customer bears the risk of any consequential damages.


A possible configuration:

The relay is connected with the OUT 1 cable, that its pulls , if the output is active (in other words when ground is coming over the OUT 1 cable)

If the relay is active, the ignition will not work.

If the relay is not active, the ignition will work.

If the tracking device is not working or would be damaged, the ignition would work!

Optional Accessoires

Garmin mit FMI Kabel

A separate installation manual exists!

Sqarell CAN Bus Gerät

A separate installation manual exists!

RFID Reader

A separate installation manual exists!