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The GPS Fleet Software normally works without problems. But due to the complex networks involved (vehicle, SIM card, internet, …) there can be single vehicle or technical failures during normal operations.

Please consider that any form of support requires a valid support/update contract. Please contact your provider for more details.

We offer to you professional after-sales support that covers the area of software-related failures (via included remote support) and to solve vehicle-related failures by workshops or service technicians. We will address and solve the issue for you within due time and to your satisfaction

Reasons for Failures and Response

The table below summarizes possible failures, the reasons and how to respond quickly:




Single vehicle doesn’t send any new data

  • Loose cables or contacts
  • Problem with permanent power of vehicle
  • SIM card inactive or locked
  • Check vehicle on your own and send device to repair
  • -> Vehicle Check


Single device sends inaccurate data

  • Ignition not connected correctly
  • -> Vehicle Check)

All vehicle data is old

  • Network failure
  • Internet breakdown
  • Check internet connection and/or network
  • Inquiry -> Software-Support

SIM-Card charges too high

  • Wrong sim-card or data package
  • Subscribe to appropriate data package

Software-Login not possible

  • Software is down
  • Re-start service on server
  • Inquiry -> Software-Support

Software doesn’t respond

  • Failure in connection
  • Close browser and login again

Software is slow

  • Wrong internet browser
  • Computer is slow
  • Server is slow
  • Use another browser
  • Check your computer
  • Add another Server RAM

Software doesn’t work as designed

  • Error in software
  • Inquiry -> Software-Support

E-Mail (alarms or reports) don’t work

  • Wrong e-mail recipient
  • Wrong firewall settings or network settings
  • Check email (or spam folder)
  • Contact your administrator
  • Inquiry -> Software-Support
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