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Menu points Standard

Single menue items can be shown or hidden.

  • Logbook Modul: to edit logbook trips
  • Reports 
  • Emails 
  • Geofences
  • Options
  • Link to Support
  • Options (only for the administrators) 
  • Exit/Logout

Optional menu items 

More menu items can be shown if necessary

  • IVMS in-vehicle monitoring system for driving behavior analysis
  • GPS Municipal winter service data
  • Fuel tank bills
  • Tour module
  • Time attendance
  • RFID sensors
  • Fleet data

Status colours of the assets

current / last received position of vehicles with vehicle designation
  • RED symbol = stopped (waiting time with speed 0 or ignition OFF, no logbook entry)
  • GREEN = moving (speed is > 0, active logbook)
  • Yellow/ORANGE means last position is older than 48 hours 
  • BLUE means ignition ON and speed close to 0 (logbook idle time) 
  • BLACK means no accurate GPS Position available (HDOP >= 9), only sent by a view device types
  • GREY colour means that the vehicle is configured to be in the workshop (out of Duty)

Important command icons

One click will show the the last position of this asset and follow it (unselect others).

One click will open the driving history of the day for this asset. The green arrows and calender items can be used to change the start and end time.

One click will zoom to the asset without changing the selection.

Dashboard Features (Beta-Features) 

The dashboard clearly summarizes important key figures.

The dashboard features can be activated/deactivated by the administrator in the options.

If there are any performance issues, the dashboard elements should be hidden.
These functions are in beta stage. Improvements or errors can occur. Help us with your feedback to further improve these functions.



Selection of available dashboards

Elements can be activated/hidden

Elements can be moved

Element Vehicle Status

The vehicle symbols can be shown/hidden on the map with the legend (e.g. standing, no data, etc.)

Element Day View

Important key figures displayed daily (since midnight) for the selected vehicles

Element Travel Time

Idle time with ignition ON as well as travel time in comparison to previous days
Total of vehicle selection

Element Travel Distance

Shows the travel distance of the selected devices for previous days in kilometers

Features Device-Details

One click on the asset zooms to the vehicle and opens the details:

Asset List Features

You can search for relevant assets using the filter (by name or IMEI number):  

You can show/hide different fields in the asset list. You can also sort the assets by their colours (asset status) using the #State field.

After changing the Asset List view save below.

Functions and fields


Lower Side Window

(below the map)

The active / inactive / moving / stopped vehicles can be selected using the shortcut list.

Map Control

(below the main-menu bar, from left to right)

No Auto-Zoom: Activate to switch of the automatic zooming of the map. The map remains in the current area, regardless of the selected vehicles.

60 sec. update time: to update the map

Last Track: Displays the last tracks to the current position

Excel-Download of the displayed historical vehicle data

Actions Menu for

-  Google Earth KML export of the displayed data

- Google Earth link of the displayed data

- http link of the displayed data

Advanced Features

Address: Search field of the addresses to display the address on the map and to create a geofence at this position

Mode: mouse functions in the map

  • Move map with the mouse
  • Zoom with the mouse
  • Draw a rectangular geofence area with the mouse
  • Draw a polygonal geofence with the mouse
  • Draw a round geofence with mouse
  • Draw a geofence with a definable radius with the mouse

Geofence-Pulldown to display selectable groups/areas

Activate/deactivate GF checkbox to show/hide geofence areas

Tree: Show/hide vehicle tree

Alarms: Show/hide

DV: Show/hide extended history

Lower System-Info

Version date and version info number

Number of available SMS for alarms: optional

Map-Symbol Right-Hand Side

Standard = always osm (openstreetmaps), additional maps can be displayed depending on the availability

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