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Versions 2019 and higher

Version and DateChanges, Updates, Fixes
  • Reporting: reporting groups and sort order was improved for many reports
  • Operators and Users: Smartphone Login Only Feature: a new feature was added, so that a login of operators can be limited to the old smart phone tool.
  • Support User: The length of the account database field excluded reporting ids was changed from 100 to 300
  • Admin Options: "Show Command Icons" shall be unchecked if the asset list is loading too long for large accounts
  • JSON: New start time and end time parameters were added to the "getGpsHistory" request and new fields in the answer.
  • IVMS Distance Based Night Driving Alarm was added
  • Asset Configuration: Ignition with Min. Speed: It is possible to configure a minimum speed for ignition on. If ignition is on an the speed is less than the configured speed, it will show as ignition off.
  • Asset Configuration - Inputs - Engine Sensor. Its possible to configure an engine sensor based on the on-board voltage (configurable on the asset). if the sensor is activated an the voltage is higher than the configure values in millivolt, the software will write true to the selected input or false.
  • Asset Configuration - Inputs - Work Sensor. If the sensor is activated and the mov::::true flag is set in the extra data field, the software will write true, otherwise false. It will write the data to the selected input.
  • Reporting - Working & Engine Report: A new report showing the ignition, working and engine times, per day and per asset.
  • Operational Hours Calibration: The start hour calibration was added. Its works equally to the start km calibration. The calibration in the asset mask was disabled as its disabled for km.
  • Asset List Sort Order: There is a new table, called AssetState, that allows to configure the asset list colors on the system lever.
  • Shortcuts: Its possible to show shortcut checkboxes in the main view. The counters are loaded and controlled by the asset list. The checkboxes enabled to filter only the checked items. The colors are the same as the colors used in the asset list.
  • Asset Configuration Asset Fields: if activated on the account, 3 new fields will be activated on the asset level. A reload is necessary after changing this value.
  • IVMS - New Driving Times alerts - Mode 3 ("based on the logbook"): Its using the standard logbook type 1 table for the calculation as mode 2 is using. Instead of Driving Time Alarm, Rest Alarm and Total KM Alarm, it has the following alarms based on the IVMS specification for Iraq (Continuous Driving Time, Daily Driving Time, Min. Continuous Rest Time, Duty Cycle)

Versions till 3.8.22 end of 2014




Changes of Logbook


Changes of User Frontend

Adding new reports


Changes of User Frontend

Adding details about alarms


Adding details about reports


Adding new features: temperature sensors, driving behaviour


Logbook Waiting Time parameter, Driving Time Report


Further improvements in the reports


Adding Geofence in the map, search for address, improving driving behaviour, merging entries in the logbook


Adding Geofence table, adding map parameters, new Total Overview report


Adding Geofence in Map, SMS alerts, filters in reports, send navigation target


New main menu on top

Changes in Asset Configuration, Address Search, Home Country

Revised Info-Mail Module

New KM Optimization Module


Firefox 4.0 Support was add
Google Earth Overview was added
Waiting / Idle Time Report was added
Email can contain a pdf separate for each asset, if split = 1


(Sept. 2011)

Position Report was added
Google Earth Live Export was added
Container Iridium change config commands added
Falcom Step III device added
Max history time for new accounts is set to 10 days


(Feb 2012)

New Map Features

-          Show asset names

-          Openstreetmaps and other maps can be used

-          New zoom navigation

-          Switch off Autozoom

-          Smartphone-Link for maps

History updated:

-          Click on the arrows is possible

-          History works in Firefox


-          Add with CTRL + mouse

-          Updated the geofence mask

Asset Configuration

-          New format

-          Speed alerts improved

-          Improved upload of pictures and gallery

-          Assigning drivers

-          Type of device defines automatically the inputs

New Navigation Module

Reporting Module

-          Opens in a separate window

-          New additional FTP backup storage for logbook reports

New alert report


(May 2012)

-    Planning Tours: Tours can be sent to the Navi, to the vehicle will be sent a fixed “geofence-area” and fixed working-areas with work-times and visit-times will be added.

-    Navi-Functions like „Pick-Up“ and „Add“ give the driver feedback

-    Working-areas have been added in the asset-configuration

-    Geofence-areas can be shown as points or rectangles

-    Whole generating geofence-areas

-    The Geofence-Rules are sorted by name

-    The Geofence-Rules will be refreshed more often

-    The Navi-Message-window is bigger now


-    Homecountry-Alarm can be empty now

-    The Geofence-Centre-coordinates have been upgraded

-    Service can be saved separately by working hours

-    The colour-change of the vehicle after x hours without data has been changed

Correction of the speeding-alarm: the first data-package will be shown now, if the alarm has been triggered.



-    List of vehicles in a new window with status colour and address

-    Navigation: there is a feedback message for the commands

-    Map, new symbols so that the assets are easier to track

-    Asset data: the battery status is shown in the history and the overview (depending on tracking device)

-    Tour Module (only works with European maps): It’s possible now to preview the planned tour

-    Geofence: new Geofence window, so that the orders and areas can be sent immediately to the asset



-    Reports: Vehicles sorted by name

-    Geofence list: geofence areas without addresses will be geocoded within a 3 minute interval

-    Options menu has been updated



-    New smartphone link for quicker real-time overview

-    Touring module: Tours can be saved and reloaded

-    Touring module: a bug in the CSV has been fixed

-    Asset configuration: new configuration possibilities for geofences on the journal

-    Geofence: mark as private and the possibility to end a trip

-    Geofence: showing all geofences is now possible

-    Geofence: limiting the list of geofences can be activated

-    Logbook module: new calibration functions and the possibility to find and delete wrong trips

-    Fuel consumption: new tank-receipt import and the information will be shown, if the function is activated with this asset

-    Excel export: Includes CANBUS data, if it’s available for the asset

-    FTP data export: optimized for your archive

-    Additional data backup

-    Reports: Yearly overview has been added

-    Reports: The sums from the monthly overviews have been fixed

-    Reports: Working time logs and the digital input report have been fixed

-    Reports: Reporting groups can be configured for the assets

-    Asset overview has been revised


  • New functions

The following functions have been updated or added in Version 3.8.16:

-    Hardware related features features (optional)

  • new universal CANBUS Box to install for trucks, buses, vans and most cars to get fuel and engine data
  • new fuel securing module, now with alarm via call (optional) via the AT5 device
  • AT1 and AT5 hardware-close special configuration of alarms in combination with buzzer-warnings for example: driving without seatbelts, or too fast acceleration, according to the GPS data, too harsh breaks.
  • HDOP Data with AT1 and AT5 guarantees more accuracy with the GPS positions.


  • -    Info-window with the system-message opens with the 1st login, so every user will be informed about the changes.


  • -    Asset-configuration:
  • Additional to the names there are new fields like "model" and number plate. Other model types have been added.
  • You can now choose from email, SMS, event-list and reports from the alarm-settings.
  • New alarms for digital inputs 1 and 2
  • fuel-securing alarm for the CANBUS is configurable now
  • deep sleep mode for AT1 and AT5 can be activated now
  • interrupt trips in logbook with ignition ON and 0 km/h (helps if vehicles always have ignition ON)


  • -    Vehicle Overview
  • HDOP data for more accuracy for the gps positions
  • Show CANBUS information in asset-details
  • reworked excel-download of the historic data (with HDOP and CANBUS - Information)
  • one click on the geofence-name (usually in the rule-overview) shows the geofence area on the map


  • -    Logbook:
  • The odometer-calibration has been altered and changes from now on only the data for the future. You can the start-km, distance of drives and the status "private - work" to a specific time only with the admin-account. The changes have been documented in the reports.


  • -    Reports:
  • More space and a better overview, granted by a new report-design with subgroups (sorted by drivers and assets)
  • New excel-download
  • Combined reports with diagrams and charts
  • New reports: driving time sums, yearly usage, monthly usage
  • New CANBUS - reports: vehicle report, vehicle-trend
  • E-mail reports with all the data (last year or in general) can be automatically created for the archive.


  • After all, it is the customers duty to save, archive and control his own data and do a regular data export. (for example via e-mail or FTP download).


  • -    Options
  • The comma-format can be changed between , and . to improve the excel report
  • In the reports there can be shown as additional rows for operating hours and fuel consumption.
  • A logo for the reports can be shown additionally
  • Different colours, depending on the geofence name
  • Set up different e-mail reports as a data-backup


  • Fixed software bugs
  • -    "Main power lost" alarm bug has been found and fixed; now the two alarms can be received
  • -    Wrong driver alarm has been fixed
  • -    Special character problems in asset names - bug has been fixed
  • -    In the .kml export in google earth the asset pictures have been updated
  • -    Operator-User: Operator-User can be only assigned to groups and see all assets of this group and groups of assets within these groups
  • -    Error when refreshing and deleting of drivers in the driver-id has been corrected.
  • -    Mobile access: The refresh-rate can be adjusted for the amount of vehicles in the customers fleet


  • Beta-functions:
  • Following beta-functions are still in the testing phase, there can be given no guarantee for these functions yet:
  • -    Accident data driverlog functions for AT1 and AT5 devices (optional, not yet finished)
  • -    New graphic diagrams for analysis
  • New diagrams for speed distribution in % and rpm distribution in % (CANBUS)
  • New daily overview for speed diagrams
  • New daily overview for fuel consumption (CANBUS)
  • HDOP analysis for the GPS accuracy

    o   Monthly time-overview gantt chart


(August 2013)

-          Update of lists with new graphical user interface for assets, persons, objects, geofences

  • Right mouse button context menu was replaced with new action menu (better for tablet pc workers)
  • New filter and search in the lists

-          New design for reporting section window

  • Filters were updated
  • Additional reports
  • Customer specific footer and logo can be added

-          New command to switch a device from one asset to another (old asset remains visible in the reports

-          New alert via voice call (still in Beta-Testing phase)

-          Geofence list was updated

-          Change of geofence assignment is possible

-          Assets without GPS hardware can be added (for future usage)

-          Tempore Device Center has been integrated for time attendance

  • Import of Tempore objects

-          Time Data Sources and Reports

  • Manual bookings via iButton, RFID or Garmin navigation
  • Time Attendance List
  • GPS Data Modell
  • Remunerations Modell

(October 2013)

-          HDOP 99 Values (search for GPS) are ignored for idle times

-          New DHL interface

-          Improved driving log feature

-          Update of the excel import in the geofence table, adding the important parameters to the options

-          Update of address search to alternative providers

-          Update of Login page for partners

-          New option to hide assets that are out of service

-          Configure the amount of arrows in the history

-          New geofence groups and a filter to show only one group in the history

-          Better configuration of alert for main power disconnected and battery power low (recipients and type of alert email, sms, call…)

-          New time model for manual bookings 2

-          New window for current position in the vehicle action menu

-          New data search table in the history

-          Fuel bill import excel was added to the fuel bill module


(February 2014)

-          New menu symbol with text

-          New, configure-able asset symbols with changing colours

-          New, configure-able geofence-symbols

-          New polygon geofence forms and map drawing mode

-          New design for logbook module, email reports and fuel bill module (with BP fuel card import)

-          Upgrade of options

-          Recipients of alerts can be configured for each user

-          New tour module

-          Fixed: date elements can be selected for the past


-          New private mode “100% private mode” was added

-          Red-amber-green report for driving behaviour was added

-          New report “Not sending assets” was added

-          Image size bug was fixed

-          Image upload bug was fixed


-          New optional data archive (replaces FTP archive)

-          Single-sign-on mode (details on request)

-          New translation dictionary to use the software multi-lingual

-          New fuel level using analogue voltage (preset for 0,5 to 5,5 volt)


-          Logbook Module: new pulldown for driver change

-          Analogue fuel voltage was improved

-          MT90 SOS Alarm was integrated

-          KML layers can be shown

-          RFID sensors

-          Geofence import and additional features (time restrictions, changing types and relations)

-          UTA Fuel bill import

Version 3.8.23

  • Improved dynamic extra fields
  • New features for the speeding report, red-amber-green driver rating
  • Add new part sums for the logbook, logbook without times, additional coloumns for digital inputs
  • New features in the logbook module
  • Change translations

Version 3.8.24

  • Sending Orders via Garmin FMI
    • New message window for Garmin FMI messages
    • Send messages to all selected vehicles
    • Send messages to ATrack and Garmin FMI Navis as well as Falcom and Falcom displays
  • Add account based settings
    • Show the own logo in the account
    • Show additional inputs for the most important reports
    • New seconds filter for the most important reports
  • Change devices by changing the IMEI for existing assets
  • Add reporting groups for drivers/persons
  • New temperature report for wireless sensors
  • Use Geofence as Points of Interest 

Version 3.8.25 - July 2015

  • New Asset List in the overview
    • List of all assets with status colour, current location and additional information
    • The current asset list can be shown and the history can be used simultaneously
    • You can add and remove the visible coloumns
    • After adding, removing or shifting coloums you can save the new view
    • A text filter can be used to search for vehicle names
    • A double click will open the asset configuraiton, a single click will zoom to the asset.
    • The asset tree is still available
      • The asset tree is longer and you can see more assets at the same time
      • The other configuration windows are still available in the software
    • There are more options under the account administration

      • GUI2 options to show or hide the top menu icons
      • GUI2 options to make the asset list width larger or smaller
      • GUI2 options to start the software with the new asset list. Chaing the control panel width will affect the width of the asset list
    • The Navi message window was moved to the top menu icon list and shows the number of unread/new messages


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