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The new Sending Orders to Driver features uses email to push orders to the drivers

Send Order Mask

You need to assign a driver to the order before the order text is shown.

The assigned driver must have an email address and additionally an SMS address (in case of SMS notification)

If you want to push the message to the Garmin, the assigned asset must have a Garmin.

The subject will be used as the email header. You can add details in the order message body and add attachments.



Send one geofence as order

You can start the "Send Order Mask" in the geofence.

Send more geofences as order

You can select several geofences and send the geofences as an order to a driver



Send Orders using the Tour Module

You can select a tour and send the tour geofences to the driver.

Details can be found in the Tour Module chapter.


Email List

The Email List shows all outgoing emails to drivers. Double click on the message to open details.


SMS List

The SMS List shows all outgoing SMS notifications for all drivers


Order Stopp List

This list shows the sent orders and if the destination has been reached already (geofence enter time):


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