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The reporting module is used for showing and downloading reporting data. Normally, 3 to 5 reports are enough to manage the fleet of an entire organization.



List of reports

Bericht zum Abruf auswählen

Generate reports

Klick to generate report

Filter in report list

Text filter for searching for specific reports

From - To

Time restriction for Date and time


Empty: selects all vehicles

G: selcect a vehicle group (refer to asset configuration)

Single vehicles


Select data inside or outside of time restrictions

New restrictions can be added in the options

Minimum duration

Select minimum duration for filtering data


Filter data for drivers

G: filter data for driver groups (refer to drivers)

Special filtersAddresss filter, postal code filters, minimum and maximum values


Hides private data (private switch)


PDF Export

XLS Export

RTF Export: load as Word

CSV Export: Comma Separated Value Format,


Refer to options


Refer to options

Standard reports

The group of standard reports is shown for every customer. The total list of reports is longer and can be found in the software.

Advanced Reports

There are many more advanced reports that can be shown upon request.


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