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In the „Options“ you will find all the settings for the software and the account in general.

System settings by the provider support 

The provider support makes important default settings that the customer can't change: 

  • Private Mode Feature: Hiding or deleting of private data
  • Storage-duration of GPS raw data (history) and reports 
  • Activation of advanced archiving 
  • Activation of SMS/call-alarm packages 
  • Activationi of additional modules and interfaces 

Please contact support. 

Options General Tabsheet


Function or field



Name of the account / type of customer account of the backup of the data into the data archive (optional)

Time zone 

Correct time zone should be set

Reporting Footer 

Change the footer of the reports

Use Reporting Logo for Main Logo 

The reporting logo is also used as the logo in the user interface

System Language  

German or English for alerts, software, and system news

Vehicle lettering color 

Color of the vehicle name in the map

SMS Alarm 1 

Receives the SMS and Call alerts

Always enter phone numbers using the country code +43…

Separate multiple recipients with a comma

Comma Format 

Change between comma and point as separator in reports

Hide Logo/ header in Excel reports 

Deactivate the logo in the excel report 

Receive Annual Report by E-Mail (weekly)

Receive logbooks of the last 12 months as a backup

Alarm email if vehicle stops sending 

Receive an alert (daily) if a vehicle turns “orange” (which means it hasn’t sent for more than x hours) 

Not sending asset alarm email address 

Recipient of alert if a vehicle stops sending for a while


Switch off Email and SMS alerts

Remuneration Calculation (optional) 

Activate Remuneration Calculation for a person/driver

Time Recording (optional)

Activate Time recording table

Country Change Logbook Split

A new trip is started (e.g. for Remuneration Calculation) when the country changes

TeleAtlas data required

E-Mail Report Annual report

Recipient of the annual reports

Country Leaving Alarm Type

Delivery of the alert as an email, SMS or call if a vehicle is outside the home country 
See vehicle configuration

Iso 2 Adress Search Country

Home country for the adress search

Automatically create new Driver

Activate by default so that new drivers are created when a new driver recognition is used 
If this function is deactivated, no new drivers are created automatically when a new driver identification is used

Keep Summer Time

Historic data from summer time that is sent during winter time will be shown in summer time

Speeding Minimum Duration

Alarm is only triggered if the duration is exceeded

Unnamed Driver Alarm

Alarm is triggered if an unnamed driver uses a vehicle only with the driver recognition code

Report DiagramsHistoric data from summer time that is sent during winter time will be shown in summer time


Options GUI1





Function or field


Asset list Refresh Time [sec]

Refreshes the Asset list periodically

Max. Geofences for listMaximum entries in the module to reduce loading times (Attention: also limits filters)

Logbook showed recoreds

Number of lines in the logbook module

Alarm List Refresh Time [sec]

Refresh time for the events and alerts (right)

Logbook max. search records

Number of search records

Reports show fuel

Vehicles with CANBUS will also show fuel data in the reports

Reports show hours

Operating hours will be shown in reports

Operating hours are based on ignition ON

Map – first point at movementThe B beginning point in the history will show the time of the first movement
Geofence Import updateActivate this option to import geofences via excel
DebugGet more debug messages
New WindowOpens the asset list or logbook module as new browser window
Hide assets out of serviceOld / archived assets are not shown

Show Route Module

Route module (optional) can be shown

Secure Driver Mode

Driver Logins only see the logbook module and selected reports, they can only change the comment.

Show additional inputsAdditional inputs are shown in some standard reports
Show Comment in Operation ReportThe logbook comment is displayed in the operating times report (for trips and waiting times)
Show Temp 1 to 3Temperature is displayed in logbook
Movement Alarm Min. SpeedMovement Alarm (without ignition) is only triggered if the minimum speed is exceeded
Driver Alarm Min. SpeedThe alarm for a missing or wrong driver is triggered if the minimum speed is exceeded


Options GUI2

Menu elements and modules can be displayed and hidden. Seperate modules are optional or chargeable. 

The width of the control panel (vehicle list) can be changed.
The changes apply from the next login or reload the software (F5).


Function or field


Function checkboxes

These functions can be enabled or disabled in the software
Control panel widthIncrease or decrease the size of the left-hand asset list
Alarms/Messsage panel widthIncrease or decrease the size of the right-hand asset list (not movable)
User interface version

Version 1: fixed page width

Version 2: moveable side windows

Version 3 (2019): left-hand alarms

ShortcutsDisplay shortcuts with the vehicle status below the map

Options Privacy 

The privacy options can be set by the provider upon delivery. After saving for the first time, the options can no longer be changed by the customer (administrator user). If you have any change requests, please contact support.

Function or field


100% Private Mode Hides private data in reports and position
Geofenceprocessing at private Trips Geofence areas are used for private trips
No Addresses in ... ReportsAddresses are hidden in many reports
Disable Extended Person FieldsShows/hides some additional fields for people/drivers
Change GPS data if private/business is changed by userIf a business trip is subsequently made a private trip via the logbook module or the smartphone app, the GPS data of the tracks are subsequently hidden
Report Filter Business Only CheckedPrivate Trips are no longer displayed in reports
Show Logbook ModuleThe module can be hidde/shown in the overview

Restricted Logbook:

  • Hide addresses between day/asset changes
  • No Timestamps
  • No Geofences

Addresses, times or geofence areas are not displayed in the logbook reports (logbook without times)

Options Data export and automatic solutions 

How long data is saved in the GPS Fleet software is set in the data export.

The storage period settings can be changed by your provider (support) and depend on your service contract. Differences are possible.

Export the data in time before the retention period expires. The data is deleted after the set duration.

The user is responsible for regular inspection, export and backup.

Function or field Storage period in days (example), then automatic deletion
Software GPS Detail Data (Days)100 ... GPS raw data such as the current GPS position, the lane and speed
Software Logbook Data (Days)1200 ... Reports such as the logbook, monthly overview, waiting times, etc.
Software Customer Geofence Data (Days) 360 ... Entering and exiting reports in geofence areas, geofence reports
Software Alarm Data (Days)30 ... Alarm report, events in alarm list
PDF/XLS Export GPS Detail Data (Days)180 ... GPS lane export as Excel to the data archive
PDF/XLS Export Logbook Data (Days)1200 ... Logbook export to data archive
PDF/XLS Export Customer Geofence Data (Days)800 ... Entering and leaving reports in geofence areas
PDF/XLS Export Alarm Data (Days)90 ... Events in alarm list
Zip File Password (readonly)Required password to open data in data archive

Options Data export (data archive) 

Data archive can be opened under options. 

You can choose from report type, year, and months in the data archive. 

With the filter, individual vehicles can be selected and the download can be executed. 

You can download complete annual reports. 

After the download, the file must be unzipped with the correct password.

Use the free 7-zip programm to unzip the and open the downloads. 


Re-Import Archived Data 

Archived Excel lanes can be re-imported. Search for the device with the correct date in the data export and save the zipped file locally with DOWNLOAD.

Import Archived Data via Data Import

The unzipped Excel archive data can be imported again via the data import. After the successful upload, the track for the period is displayed in the GPS Fleet software. The track will be deleted from the software at the next deletion date (usually within 24 hours).

Options Assetlist 

With the columns "Driving time today" and "Driving time since last break" the driving time of the vehicles can be checked very quickly.

Funktionen Description
Assetlist Refresh Time (sec)

Standard: 30

If there is a larger number of vehicles, we recommend updating every 10 minutes to reduce loading times

AssetList: load Person informationShows driver information
AssetList: use Filter for Assetname only The text filter searches for vehicle names or other content
AssetList: load Asset Group Information Shows vehicle groups
Hide Subgroups of hidden AssetsgroupsHides groups that should not be seen by the operator
Driving time Definitions

Variant of the logbook:

  • The driving time is currently calculated as the sum of the driving time in the logbook since midnight.

  • Depending on the vehicle configuration (inputs DI1 = ignition), the travel time is the sum of the ignition ON time or the sum of the time with movement

  • A driver-based model is not supported yet.

IVMS Variante

  • Travel time based on all data records at speed
  • Travel breaks of less than 5 minutes are calculated as the driving time.

Options Map


Function or field


Assetname text color

Color of the asset names in the map

Map min. idle time [sec]

Minimum time to show the symbol in the map

Map min. waiting time [sec]

Minimum time to show the symbol in the map

Show speed bubbles, names, and arrows

Show/Hide the symbol

Large Icons with Heading

Heading Mode: Overwrite Default Icons
Show geofence namesShows names in the map
Show all geofencesShows all geofences

Check all in tree

All are activated after login

Last Track based on Real Clock

Show last track can be selected based on the real time (10 minutes from now) or based on the time when the asset has sent its last position (10 minutes after it stopped there)

Map Arrows amount

100: standard amount of arrows in the history

200: double the amount

500: 5 times more arrows

50: half of the arrows in history

Map arrows amount

1: 1 arrow

50: half of arrows

100: 100%

200: double amount

Line width (1-6)Width of history line

Icon size 5 - 20

Size of icons

5: half size

10: standard size

20: double size


Enable additional mapping provider


Standard symbol

Geofence Pattern

It will always show the area pattern

KML Map 1/2

Name of the map layer

It is possible to show a KML map layer

KML Map URL 1 /2

http url of the kml map (must be located on a webserver)

Options Geofence Import

 These fields are used for the automatic import of new geofence areas. Refer to the Geofence section for more details.

Function or field


Geofence Import min. detail (0 – 11)

4 standard value

Refer to geofence import interface section

Geofence Import min class (0 – 5)

4 standard value

Ignore Relation for Reporting

If activated, the time restrictions on the geofence only apply to the alarms

Point-of-Interest Features

The feature shows the distance to the next distinctive point in the address field as an addition or alternative to a missing address. 

Function or field


Show closest POI if no address is found

If there only is a lattitude and longitude, the distance and name to the closest POI will be shown

Always show closest POI

the distance and name to the closest POI will be shown, regardless whether there is a street name or a lat/long


Options Advanced

Function or fieldDescription

 Hide GPS positions when moving with ignition OFF

Deactivated by default: If the vehicle has the ignition configured for the digital inputs and the ignition is OFF and the vehicle is moving (towing, transporting on a low loader, ...),changes in the GPS position are NOT displayed by the software. Advantage: jumps and GPS inaccuracies are not displayed in the history. Disadvantage: towing vehicles aren't displayed.

Activated: If the ignition is configurated for the vehicle's digital inputs and the ignition is OFF and the vehicle is in motion, changes in the GPS position are still displayed. Advantage: towing and transport are displayed.

Attention! Many tracking devices only send data when the ignition is ON. A configuration update may be necessary to use this function. Contact our support!

Canbus Auto Calibration (daily)

For devices that transmit the mileage from the vehicle's CANBUS, the actual mileage is transferred to the logbook during the first stop.

The starting mileage of the second trip of the day begins with the actual mileage.

Test E-Mail, SMS, and Call

Triggers an alarm email, an alarm SMS or an alarm call to test delivery.

Requirenments: SMS/alarm package must be configured and SMS/alarm credit must be available.

If you have any questions/problems, please contact our support.

Options Optimization 

Function or field




contact provider-support

Cost per km (cent)

Cost per hour (cent)

Enter costs in euro cents, a saving result will be calculated

Min. KM

Shorter routes are not optimized

Days in past

Only the last x days are recalculated

Routific Driver Setting

Speed profile, shortens the optimized driving time

Google Traffic Setting

Speed profile, shortens the optimized driving time


Displays which Service is used as the basis for the calculation

Contact the provider to learn more about costs and testing options.

Operating Data Logging

A new report on data logging compares the duration of the time with ignition ON with the duration of time with engine ON and shows differences on a red-green-orange scale.

The options can be set from how many hours the difference is shown as orange and from how many hours the difference is shown as red.

If the time difference between the ignition and the digital input for the engine in hours is less than 2 hours, the line is displayed in green.

If the difference between the ignition signal and the engine signal is longer than 2 hours, the day is displayed in orange.

If the time difference between ignition and engine is more than 4 hours (e.g. ignition 8 hours, engine 3 hours), the value is shown in red.

The digital Input for the motor signal can be selected in the report. 

Options for Municipal Service / Winter Service / Salt Spreader data reports (optional equipment)

Winter service customers can also use the GPS Municipal Services. 
The salt spreading data reports can be configured under options.

Function or fieldDescription
IOT CheckboxShows GPS Municipal Module and IOT sensors
IOT Alarm Log Log Time (min)For Tankmatix only: IOT alarm is recorded in the software every x minutes
IOT Alarm SMS/Call Time (min)For Tankmatix only: An SMS/Call is triggered every x minutes
IOT Alarm Email Min Time (min)For Tankmatix only: An Email is triggered every x minutes
Municipal Report Min distance (m)
A new row in the spreader log is started every x meters, 1000 to 5000 meters are recommended
WS Protocol Change on day changeA new protocol is created daily
WS Protocol on driver changeA new protocol is created if a driver loggs out
Only Count Calculated g/ml, if spreader/sprayer is on

The amount for spreaders that don't transmit the total amount is calculated approximately in the software

Automatically send protocol emailsDrivers receive the created protocols via email on the driver's email
Protocol entry at plough change

A new dataset is created in the protocol when the entry for the plough is changed (configured with the digital entries)

Protocol entry at spreader changeA new dataset is created in the protocol when the spreader changes (configured with entries > RS232)
Winter Service Report - Show PLZ StatisticThe table with the values per zipcode is displayed in the report
Winter Service Report - Show Detail StatisticShow/Hide details in protocol
Winter Service Report - Show Geofence StatisticShow values for Geofence
Winter Service Report - Newest firstThe detail data is sorted from either the newest or oldest point
Show Max KM in HeaderShow/Hide values for max KM Header
Protocol entry at max button changeA new protocol entry is created when confirming the max button
Combine Store 1 and Store 2 in ReportThe amounts of Store 1 and Store 2 are added
Show Liters in Report

The amount of brine is only shown in liters (alternatively in liters and kilos)

Show Temp 1 in Winterservice ProtocolThe values of the temperature sensores are shown

Options Messaging 

You can change the Tour Master Template, so that your orders contain additional fields.

You can use %fields% to show different tour attributes. Contact your vendor for a list of %fields%.

Apps & Communication

You could configure your own Mail-Server to send out orders to your drivers. If these fields are left blank, the provider's email server will be used.


Activity Groups

The activity groups are used for Tempore so that the activities can be grouped for different users.

Options Events 

Events that apply to all vehicles can be created here. 

Function or fieldDescription
EventnameSelect event from Pulldown list
ActionType of Alarm (display in report, email, SMS, etc.)

blank... applies to all vehicles

When a vehicle name is entered, the events only apply to all vehicles with the text in their name

Options Custom Restrictions 

Custom time windows, that can be used as  time restrictions for reports, emails, and alarms, can be defined. 


Function or fieldDescription
NameName of the time filter
fromStart time
toEnd time
WeekdaysMultiple choice possible

Tripstate and Tripstop-State 

see Tour-Module


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