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Installation Manual


Version 3.3





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1         CT08 Mobile Container Lock

C:\svn\_swman_work\suppliers\arknav\R-35QW Main.gif

1.1         Technical Data

Unit Size (L x W x H)

355 x 55 x 50 mm (±1mm)


1660 g (±10g)


Galvanized steel with plastic device housing

Waterproof Casing

IP-67 waterproof standard


Power Input

+4.2 Volt DC regulated via charger port

Battery Power

Li-Ion Cell Battery – 3.7V/10,000mAh


Battery Charger

AC from +100V ~ +240V

Button / Switch

Power Button

Tamper Sensor

Seal Cable




Loosen the battery charger connector to reload the batteries with Adapter input 100Vac~240Vac Output 4.2Vdc / 1.3A to CT-X8 charge port.


1.2         Inserting SIM


Remove the 4 screws.

After removing the 4 screws, gently pull the tracking unit away from the Container Lock.



Remove 4 hex socket screws from tracking unit.


Insert SIM Card into the ‘ SIM Card Holder’ . There must be NO SIM Card PIN and SIM card must be active for transmitting GPRS and SMS.



1.3         Device LED Status

C:\svn\_swman_work\suppliers\arknav\container-lock\led power on.JPG



Flashing / Blinking

Permanent ON


Yellow LED  GSM status

Transmitting data via GPRS

Unable to read SIM card or GSM not activated

GSM normal and activated

Red LED  Power status


Battery low warning

Battery charging

Battery charge standby

Green LED  GPS status


Valid GPS location

Non valid GPS location

Solution: bring into open sky and wait for 5 minutes


GPS module power OFF



If all LED are OFF, switch POWER ON and/or wake up the device from offline mode (see below).

1.4         Device Online / Offline Status

The device will only send data when POWER is ON and it is online. The device enters into offline mode to save battery time if it is NOT moved. It takes up to 5-10 minutes before the device gets GPS.


Testing instructions: If you want to receive GPS positions the device must stay in the online modus for at least 5-10 minutes (move it around in open sky or open the tamper cable and wait outside).


Online Modus

Offline Modus

Device is moved (movement detected) or tamper cable and door switch opened (for testing)

Device is idle (no movement detected) and tamper cable and door switch closed

Green GPS LED flashing

Yellow GSM Status blinking once in a while

Green LED is ON


sends GPS Positions in a time interval configured by the vendor

cannot be reached and is not sending positions


Use the GPS Fleet Software to check if data is received.

1.5         Installation on Container

Connect the Waterproof Cable Connector to the Cable Port to allow ‘Tamper Loop’ function.


Use a pad lock to close the

Put a Pad Lock through the metal plates to prevent Container Tracker is falsely removed.

2         Trouble-Shooting

Also read the section trouble-shooting in the first section of this document!

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