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Important Information

Troubleshooting RMA

General Instructions

Troubleshooting RMA



Availability & Compatibility

You need to check if your vehicle (Model, year and type) is compatible with the adapter.

Connection Diagram


Canbus-Kabelstrang mit Anschluss Ortungsbox, Canbus Box und CAN High / LOW





With the CAN HIGH and CAN LOW the vehicle can be connected.


Plus (10 – 30 Volt)




Connect the RS232 connector to the serial connector of the tracking device and plug it into the right plug.

The tracking device must be configured before the communication with the CANBUS device!

Blue cable

Don’t connect

White cable

Don’t connect


Do not remove


Optional: For some models (Renault/Volvo) it’s necessary to read the J1708 protocol, to be able to read the current fuel stand.


Connection with CANBUS

For every vehicle model there is a  how-to manual available where to find the cables.

  1. Find the right CANBUS cable
  2. Install the CanCliq with just one click over the right cables  (Attention! 2 Cables! Cannot be opened again, after being closed!)
  3. CanCliq reads the CANBUS through the isolation!

Final tests for the correct installation

Before leaving the mechanic store check via software if the data is sending already.

  1.  Check the LED status. The LED on the box begins to blink green, orange and then red again.
  2. You need to install the tracking device – CANBUS connection.

Contact your Support, for he can check the CANBUS data in your Software during the office hours



see Troubleshooting RMA





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