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Important Information

Troubleshooting RMA

General Instructions

Troubleshooting RMA

General Information


Bitte beachten Sie auch die allgemeinen Einbau-Hinweise der Ortungbox.


  • The Garmin Nüvi must be the corresponding device with FMI capabilities
  • The Garmin Nüvi FMI needs local maps (depending on your vendor or point of purchase)
  • The Garmin Nüvi needs a special FMI navigation device firmware update (see
  • A special FMI connection cable must be ordered together with the Garmin nüvi, only your vendor can provide this cable!
  • The tracking device must be ordered with a special Garmin firmware, only your vendor can provide the special tracking device firmware!

Supported Devices

  • AT5i (s)
  • AK1
  • AT1 PRo

Connection to Tracking Device (AT5 or FM42)

The Garmin FMI cable must be connected:

  1. Connect RED pin to permanent POWER
  2. Connect Black pin to GROUND
  3. Connect the FMI cable to the tracking box and to the Garmin


After doing the connection, the navi display will show "Dispatch".

Right Corner: Symbol Not-Connected

If you see such a symbol it means, that the special Garmin FMI cable is not connected to the tracking device. Connect it and the symbol will disappear.

Software User Manual

If everything is correct, a message can be send from the software to the GPS Device. Follow the instructions in the software User Manual to configure the Navigation device in the software.

If you disconnect the tracking device,


Sobald das FMI Kabel verbunden ist und die richtige Firmware am Gerät installiert ist, steht am Navi-Display “Dispatch”

Trennen Sie das FMI Kabel vom Navi -> rechts oben am Display erscheint ein kleines “Nicht Verbunden“ Symbol

Verbinden Sie das FMI Kabel mit dem Navi -> das Fehlersymbol verschwindet


see Troubleshooting RMA




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