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Installation Manual


Version 3.3









1         Datasheet

2         CT07 Mobile Tracking Device

2.1         Standard Configuration

Input Voltage

+ 5 Volt DC regulated (USB port power)

Power Consumption

Depending on operating mode - between 10 hours and 3 weeks when using 800 mA battery


The device actively sends data if it is in motion only.

After 2 minutes without detecting motion, it goes into the normal sleep mode (GPS and GSM stay online) and later on in the basic sleep mode (GPS and GSM are deactivated, device cannot be reached).


2.2         Accessories for Configuration and Recharging

Only use the included USB cable for configuration and re-charging purposes.

Recharging can be done via USB-to-PC or the 220Volt-to-USB adapter plug or USB-to-cigarette lighter plugs that are available for common mobile phones (not included).

2.3         Powerconsumption

Depending on the configuration, akku state, position,… it can send from a few minutes up to weeks. Almost everything related to the energy management are configure able.


2.4         LED’s





Yellow GSM


no GSM signal, GSM offline



Active GSM connection



After switching on for a few seconds

Green GPS


GPS is switched off or in sleep mode



GPS is switched on, but has NO valid GPS signal fix



GPS is switched on AND has GPPS signal is OK

RED Charge


If connected to charger it is fully recharged



If connected to charger, it is charging

Blue Motion


Panic alert was activated

LED BatLow


Battery level is OK



Recharging the battery is necessary


2.5         Device Power ON / OFF

The power switch must be ON (upper position) and the motion switch must be OFF (upper position) for normal operations.

2.6         MOTION SWITCH (ON/OFF)

Must be off all the time.

2.7         SIM Card


The SIM settings are pre-configured already. If you provide us the SIM before delivery, we will add the SIM inside for you. Else you must unscrew the device, open it carefully and insert the SIM card. The SIM must be without SIM lock and active for GPRS and SMS.

2.8         Standard Delivery Tests

You should do a proper final device test before using the device.

When you charge the device in a car or bring it outside after charging, it must within a few minutes in the software and show the battery level in percentage in the asset vehicle details. A battery level below 12- 15% is critical and needs to be recharged. If you have problems, contact our support!

3         Trouble-Shooting

Also read the section trouble-shooting in the first section of this document!

3.1         Device is not sending

  • Read this manual
  • Check the LED’s, if the battery is charged (see 3.1 )
  • Check the LED’s, if the GPS connection is fine (see 3.1 )
  • Check the LED’s, if the GSM connection is fine (see 3.1 )
  • Contact us if you have questions.



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