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You can highlight and select areas of interest or points of interests as geofence areas in the software.

Geofence List



Functions and fields


 PLUS symbol

Adding New Geofence Areas

Refresh symbol

Update the list

Download Symbol

Download list as Excel file


Click 1x on the area, then click on Actions:

-    Details: opens the configuration

-    Delete

-    Change type: changes the Geofence symbol for the selected items

-    Change relation: changes the assignment of the selected items (all, groups, single assets)

-    Set time restriction: changes the time restriction for all selected itmes

Double click on the area opens the configuration

1x click zooms to the area


Enter a name, click on Enter and filter he list


Show Deactivated

Shows inactive entries

Grouping by

All entries are grouped by Geofence type and geofence-assignment

Advanced Map Mode for searching and creating geofences

With the advanced map features you can search for a location and draw a polygone geofence on the map




You can draw a geofence in the map with the advanced map mode. Select the rectangle or polygon symbol and

Functions and fields



Show the advanced map mode

Standard mode

Move around in the map


Zoom in/out in the map

Rectangle geofance mode

Keep the mouse pressed to draw a rectangle in the map

Polygon geofance mode

Click on the map to create a free-shaped rectangle, double-click to finish the geofance

Geo pull-down

Empty: all areas

Select groups / tours or single geofences


ON: only shows the selected groups / tours / single geofences from the pull-down

Geofence Configuration



Functions and fields


Save and Close

Saves and closes the configuration


To save, window remains open

Reset address Fields

Click „Reset address Field“ before changing the position of the geofence in the map

After the change click on “Save”


Close the window


Geofence name


Free text


Must be true for active areas


Assignment to all, groups or single assets

The relation only works for alerts

Date/Time Restriction

Alarms will only be triggered during the restriction times

Not show in maps

Don’t show in maps

POIUse Geofence name as point of interest (must be configured under options)

Disabled in reporting

Don’t show in reports

Max Speed

Threshold for special lower speed alert inside the area


Standard = shows a blue area (Type 1)

No Lat/Long created Tag = Tempore Tag or area without position

Flags, balls, etc.

Group name

A geofence can belong to a group to use the group as a filter in the history


E-Mail: enter recipients

Send SMS, Voice call:: add the recipient under Options, requires SMS credit

One-time alert on entering

One-time alert on leaving

Alarm after x min in zone

Maximum duration of stay in the area

Only works if the tracking device sends more data

Address fields

Geocoded centre address (country, address, postal code, city)

Contact information fields

For customer data

Address search

Enter address and select the right address

After that modify the position and size of the geofence area in the map


Modify the position and size of the geofence area in the map by clicking on the geofence and moving the brackets


Advanced Geofence Features


Advanced > Processing Time

Duration of stay (for Tour Optimization)

Advanced > Preferred Visit time 1

Possible time for visits 1 (for Tour Optimization)

Advanced > Preferred Visit time 2

Possible time for visits 2 (for Tour Optimization)

Store Geofence KM

Save the distance inside a geofence

Min. Time for KM/Site Report

Minimum time to apply the geofence area to the KM/Site report

LB is private

Geofence area is private

LB Take Center Address

Any stop inside the already will get the same center address

LB Split Trip on arrival

When entering the area a new trip in the logbook will be started

LB Split Trip on leave

When leaving the area a new trip in the logbook will be started

Private Time from ab [min]:

Minimum duration of the stay so that the private time is counted

Homp Company Area

Geofence is a company area

No Remuneration

The area is not accountable for remunerations


Select right area
Foreign keyID for third-party applications
Hide in app searchGeofence is not used in the app search

Change the relation of a Geofence Area

First you have to create the Geofence. After that you can open the Geofence and change the relation (all, groups, single vehicles):



Geofence Time Restrictions (Beta-Feature)

You can enable different time restrictions for the Geofence. The Geofence is active within the time restriction.

In the options menu you can define if the time restriction is used for the alerts and the reports or only for the alerts.


Importing of Geofence Areas (customers) with Excel (Beta-Feature, optional)

This feature is optional and the address geocoding works in selected countries!




Features and Fields


Sample File

Download an Excel sample field

Choose File

Select the file for importing the geofence areas


Upload the file

After the upload is completed, you will get a file as response that shows the results of the import

Coloums of the Sample File

Important settings must be made in the Options as well!





Unique number (customer number)

If you want to update (refresh) a geofence, use the same identical number.

If you want to add a new area, use another number.


Country in ISO-CODE


City or location


Postal code (only works in Europe)


Street name with house number (only works in Europe)

Remove any door numbers first!

Lat / long

For the import in case latitude and longitude are available (outside Europe)

Lat and long values must be formatted as text in Excel (not as number)

You must use a . instead of , such as shown below:


class 0 to 5

detail 0 11

score 0 100

Import result

processing comment

Import result


Unique name of the geofence area

GF Asset ID

Assigned asset (for alerts)

For all if empty

GF Type ID

0: Geofence area that is shown only if assets are close

2: Geofence symbol that is always shown

3: Import without showing it on the map (in case of many items)

4: Import without showing in the map and without showing it in the list (to improve loading time)

GF Creation Comment

Comment field


Phone number

Group name


Email To

Recipient for alerts

Email CC

2nd recipient for alerts

Email BCC

3rd recipient for alerts

Alarm on Entering

1: Alarm on entering the area

Alarm on Leaving

1: Alarm on leaving the area

Geofence Group

Geofence group

Enabled in map1
new Name (for existing Geofences)To update the name of an existing geofence

Extra Fields

You can add dynamic fields for each geofence

Areas for a Geofence

This section is used for Tempore

Geofence Comments

These comments are used for sending orders to the drivers



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