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Requirements prior to the installation

  • For most truck manufacturers the FMS interface is an optional accessory and not included in the standard deliveries. Please contact your dealer if it must be ordered separately.
  • Compatible manufacturers Mercedes (Daimler), MAN, Scania, Volvo (including Renault), DAF and IVECO.

  • In many cases the FMS interface must be activated in the workshop. Contact the dealer/workshop that represents the manufacturer and request for the FMS activation.


We give no guarantee that our manuals are accurate or up-to-date. For any installation advice contact your professional dealer or service partner. The service partner is responsible and liable for the correct installation.

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Final Installation Test

Please contact your vendor or the technical support to confirm that CANBUS data are received in the GPS Fleet Software.

Refer to: GPS Installation App Tests and Documentation


  • Please twist the CAN-High and CAN-Low wires of the tracking device and keep them as short as possible.



  • Vehicle requirement: FMS interface (part E51).
  • Activation: no


Trucks with a construction year prior to 2009 use the connector  C471.

  • Connector C471 PIN 2 CAN High (white)
  • Connector C471 PIN 1 CAN Low (blue)

Trucks with a construction year with 2009 or higher use the connector C137. Connector C137 is green and under the central electric module under the dashbord:

The twisted wires are blue and white

  • CAN-Low is Pin 9
  • CAN-High is Pin 6
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