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Asset List

Just click on the asset name, so that the asset is shown on the map. The list updating itself.

Functions and fields


 FilterTo search for an asset enter the asset name or IMEI here


Asset description

GREEN = speed > 0 km/h

RED = speed = 0 km/h

ORANGE = longer than  x  no new gps fix (can be configured for each asset)

Geofence Name

Geofence name is shown, in which the asset currently is in.

Other interesting fields

Address, Battery, Driver name, last alarm, speed, status digital input


Use the view to store and remember the fields that you show

Asset Tree

The asset tree view can be used to organize assets in groups.


 FilterSearch for a specific asset name 
Asset name

1 click zooms to the asset

Double click opens the asset configurationClick

Asset group

You can open the Actions for GROUPS:

Action menu for assets

Open the action menu for ASSETS:

Master Data (drivers, users,...)

The master data are shown as a part of the asset list.


Add an element

Refresh list

Delete selected element

Opens as excel

Opens details
FilterSearch for an element

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